Fan Bingbing zero repair photos before and after the exposure of the camera arm thick circle (video) 660003

Fan Bingbing repair photo exposure before and after comparison arm thick circle Tencent entertainment Fan Bingbing features exquisite, gorgeous appearance, recently admit lost 6 kilograms, many become slim body, hand gestures are the focus of attention. Recently she was busy propaganda movie "I am not Pan Jinlian", the day before the premiere in Beijing, zero retouching photos and she pulls out, was found in micro-blog drying out photos drop, accidentally triggered a discussion. 15 Fan Bingbing appeared in Beijing, attended the movie "I am not Pan Jinlian", the next day in the micro-blog broadcasting series of photos, pictures, I saw her wearing a beige one-piece dress, with wool, diamond decoration design, inclined shoulder half exposed shoulders, show thin and white arm, was praised seemed to have lost a circle. However, recently someone pulls out day photo image, found in the "zero figure" in the images of Fan Bingbing are still slim, but the right arm seemed coarse in a circle, are part of the users ridicule has fat, arm fat "; there are also fans of a message behind," long face so beautiful you see what arms "and" this is also called fat? You are more slender. "," Fan Ye is really the most beautiful one of the extra baggage sector ", some people think that only the light with the angle of the problem, has both positive and negative comments of users. Fan Bingbing and Li Chen white skin beautiful appearance, sweet interaction like wedding相关的主题文章: