FIFA National foot PK Qatar can not afford to lose Lippi or let hope continue (video)-4000dy

FIFA: PK in Qatar can not afford to lose Lippi or [watch] fans that want to continue the scene for the national football players spontaneous sun stretched out training Mei fang miss Lippi can bring three points tomorrow to November 14th Tencent sports country foot, the Orangemen sits in the 12 race in the fifth round in Qatar before the home court, FIFA, the official website also on the fifth round of the 12 strong events of a forward-looking report. In the view of the FIFA website, this match Orangemen and Qatar who can not afford to lose, two teams during the 12 season of change, Marcello Lippi will usher in his Chinese team in the first race. The goal is to let Chinese team renewed hope of qualifying. FIFA official website said, the Chinese team and Qatar are out of the edge of the area, both sides in Kunming are eager to get victory, rekindled hope to the world cup in russia." Although the two sides have played in the 40 stage, but on the official website of FIFA view, this battle is a test of the new coach, "Chinese team and Qatar team played in 40 finals stage, Qatar home court 1-0 win, 0-2 away defeat. But this time the duel appears two new faces, instead of his fellow fossati carreo to become the new coach of Qatar, and the China team invited the former World Cup winner Lippi, and fox’s goal, in which he coached China team’s first official game to let the team renewed hope of qualifying." The 4 round of Chinese team accumulated 1 points at the bottom, and Qatar 4 round only got 3 points, let FIFA think this is a website who can not afford to lose the game, "the two coaches are well aware of their team’s present situation, this is not afford to lose a game for them. China team is currently only 1 points, 2 points less than Qatar, but the situation not much difference between the two teams. If they want to regain the hope of going to Russia, the game can only win for them to retain the opportunity." Although Qatar players face suspension, but due to dominant competition and Chinese alive preliminaries team played in the FIFA, the official website also said that Qatar team occupies the psychological advantage in this contest, "from both sides of the past record, Qatar will undoubtedly occupy the psychological advantage, both sides of the 9 times World Cup meet, Qatar won 4 of them, there are 3 games tied. The 40 stage, Qatar home court 1-0 win for their final knockout round in advance to lay a solid foundation, China team in the final round of home court 2-0 Qatar dramatic to 12 finals. Fossati Qatar this warm-up match before the 2-1 win over Russia, Lippi’s team is in a teaching game in a 5-0 victory over Wu Lei Thatcher, the game of 2 ball harvest." (MBT)相关的主题文章: