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[map] sell 28.99-44.99 million new Buick GL8 officially listed Sohu automobile Sohu [new car]2016 year in November 5th, SAIC Buick new GL8 officially listed, the new car launched a total of 5 models, the price range of 28.99-44.99 million. A new generation of Buick GL8 is equipped with 2.0T engine and equipped with multi link independent rear suspension, with pearl white, champagne gold, red sandalwood, red smoke and ashes of four kinds of body color, Buick GL8 Avenir is equipped with exclusive color purple body count. In addition, Buick launched for 120 thousand years Avenir owners worry free car program for 6 years. [leadership Photo] [Buick GL8 Avenir] appearance: Buick’s new generation of GL8 using the latest family style. The new grille with a straight waterfall style and collocation of flying wing LOGO, compared to cash models look more fashionable. In addition, the new car also uses a new front bumper design. Interior: the new GL8 uses a surround type design concept, the central console retains the T shape layout. The new car in the interior, in the control panel and the contact area above the knees were wrapped in soft materials, collocation of large-size LCD screen, panoramic sunroof and double white atmosphere lamp, create a sense of luxury. In addition, the new Buick GL8 seat with second rows of high-grade leather, equipped with electric leg support, seat heating ventilation and air conditioning, arm massage headrest (6 to flank adjustable), pop-up double cup holder, mobile phone, USB charging hole groove. Power: Buick’s new GL8 will be equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine, maximum power of 260 horsepower (191 kW), peak torque of 350 cattle M. Transmission, the engine is matched with 6 speed automatic transmission. In addition, the new generation of GL8 rear suspension will use multi link independent suspension. Editor comments: from the current market sales point of view, SAIC GM GL8 is a well deserved leader in this level. Many years of hard work in the Chinese market and many business customers are the main reasons for their success. But now more and more high-end personal, household consumers began eyeing more features, more passenger MPV models, cash GL8 is whether the price or give the impression of all can not be good to meet the needs of this part of the consumer. So SAIC GM Buick is so fast to launch a new generation of GL8, and even bring a more personalized version of the Avenir. The future, Buick GL8 models of various grades of goal is clear, and the low distribution models to meet the needs of high-end home; and with models for traditional business users; more personalized version of Avenir for the pursuit of high-end consumers out of the ordinary. Only by a model of high-end MPV market all the coverage, I think only GL8 only emboldened to do so. (responsible editor: Bear fly)相关的主题文章: