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Following the exoskeleton, we have the external muscle cheaper technology Sohu talking robot, usually the impression that they are like "Transformers" (Transformers) as a symbol of strength, speed and hard big, but from Swiss Confederation Institute of technology Lausanne (EPFL) researchers have to "super corps" (Big Hero) feeling soft adorable white soft bodied robots like bell. EPFL reconfigurable Robotics Laboratory (RRL) software actuator developed a series of software, flexible and reconfigurable software robot by researchers, many research results published in the "Science Bulletin" (Scientific Reports), "software robots" (Soft Robotics) and other international journals. Software robots are usually made up of software actuators that are similar to human muscles, and the material of the software actuators is generally elastomer material, such as silicone and rubber, so it is very safe. In general, the main part of the software robot is designed to be a "soft air bag", so that the motion characteristics of the robot can be controlled by air pressure. So, the software robot material of low cost and easy control, and easy large-scale production, is used to design the wearable auxiliary equipment in the rehabilitation of patients after surgery and manipulation of fragile items, bionic system and home care and other aspects have very large potential application. Gong Jia · Agarwal (Gunjan Agarwal), Matthew (Matthew Robertson) and · (Jamie Paik) (). Photograph: EPFL RRL director Jamie · Pajko (Jamie Paik) said: "we pay great attention to the robot design software security, for example, wearing the exoskeleton made of soft materials to do rehabilitation training, the possibility of injury is very small." Software actuator control model of the first row said software robot (shell and core) stress simulation results; second rows represent the stress simulation software robot core; the experimental results are corresponding to the third row. Source: DOI: 10.1038 srep34224 researchers carried out a series of numerical simulation, proposed a software robot motion control prediction model, which can accurately predict the movement characteristics of each software module. The software module is composed of a plurality of air chambers and interlayer, based on different models, five to six times the software robot can extend to its original length, and can bend in two directions. Gong Jia researchers · (Gunjan Agarwal Agarwal) said: "after several simulation experiments, we propose a prediction model of movement deformation software robot, according to the shape, thickness and material of different variables and effectively predict the deformation results for execution." Pleated paper case software pneumatic actuator (Soft pneumatic actuators, lift)相关的主题文章: