Foreign media more than 540 thousand refugees who are still being detained in Germany melia kreiling

Foreign media: more than 540 thousand refugee applications rejected still in Germany: original title: data of more than 540 thousand refugees applications rejected still in Germany a refugee from Afghanistan Rehab Sidiqi photographed in full of the lifejacket in Parliament square. In September 23, according to foreign media reports quoted the German government should provide the required digital left caucus, Germany at the end of June this year there were more than 540 thousand refugees who rejected stranded territory, of which 3/4 has reached more than six years. Among them, the largest group from Turkey (77600), followed by Kosovo (68549) and Serbia (50817). Nearly half of those who apply for a permanent residence permit refused to apply for a residence permit, 1/3 hold a limited residence permit. According to reports, Germany also resides in more than 160 thousand of the foreigners were tolerated to stay, including those who apply for the refusal of 100 thousand refugees. 37020 of these people were stranded in Germany because they had no travel documents. Germany’s Coalition Party calls for stricter immigration laws. The CDU CSU parliamentary group chairman Friedrich (Hans-Peter Friedrich) called on Germany immediately repatriated regulations reform. He said, if the country is to apply for a refugee who refused to pull the nose, then the citizens will lose confidence in the ability to act." German police union president lainei, Wendell (Rainer Wendt) proposed a sharp criticism of the German repatriation operation. He said that Germany has formed a mechanism to prevent repatriation, some lawyers and organizations systematically to the repatriation of refugees to be obstructed, this situation must change, the 215 thousand must leave the country must leave. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: