French Bordeaux wine school first press conference opened in Beijing – Sohu eat and drink dxperience

The French press conference Bordeaux Wine school first opened in Beijing – and Sohu (September, Beijing) recently, the world leader in France Bordeaux Wine Wine education school held in Beijing since its entry into the market Chinese first news conference. The Joint Committee of Bordeaux Wine industry (CIVB) general manager of law Bi’An Bova (Fabien BOVA) · Thomas ·, Bordeaux Wine Joint Committee on behalf of Mr. industry in Asia Pacific region; Mr. Julian (Thomas JULLIEN), Bordeaux Wine school principal Stephanie · Balard (Sté Phanie BARRAL) and China District Ms. project director Yang Wei Ms. at the scene, the strategic layout of the story of the Bordeaux Wine school since its inception and pioneer of philosophy of education, the school to share the latest project information and for Wine enthusiasts and professionals tailored curriculum activities at home and abroad. Bordeaux Wine school will uphold the concept of modern education innovation and excellence, together with 58 different styles and experienced certified instructor, interactive experience to bring more consumers have a unique style Chinese, start a wonderful journey of exploration in Bordeaux. Thick 100 years of traditional art, fusion of modern education idea, founded the first region Wine education model for hundreds of years, the people of Bordeaux on this piece of fertile land is richly endowed by nature with modern technology, the deployment process of the concept of integration for generations, for the world to create thousands of unique charm of Bordeaux Wine. In 1989, the Bordeaux wine industry joint committee has a unique perspective, the establishment of Bordeaux wine school as one of its important market strategy. Therefore, the Bordeaux exquisite unique brewing techniques and graceful life style in a more vivid and diverse training courses passed to the global Wine fans and consumers and Wine practitioners (channels, sommeliers, sales staff, etc.) to meet the earnest exploration of Bordeaux Wine world, made a great contribution to sales and marketing Bordeaux Wine. Bordeaux Wine school has always been committed to providing Bordeaux related professional teaching and learning platform for the world Wine lovers for 27 years, has more than 205 certified instructor and 31 partner schools in 19 countries or regions, and global activities and many influential in-depth cooperation, such as the Hongkong delicacy Wine Festival, Quebec Canada Bordeaux Wine festival. Bordeaux Wine school principal Stephanie · Balard (Sté Phanie BARRAL) said, "Bordeaux Wine school in Bordeaux to show the pursuit of excellence for brewing techniques, and provide interesting and diversified exploration methods. The curriculum is available from the beginner to the advanced level, both for beginners and professionals. The course is rich and interesting, including knowledge, wine tasting, wine selection and collocation guide Wine tourism and other content plate in 2015 more than 76800 people worldwide have participated in the training." According to local conditions, according to material.相关的主题文章: