From Neolithic to Busan, he opened 200 restaurants in Shanghai for the past 17 years – Sohu to eat a

From the Neolithic to Busan, he opened 200 restaurants to eat Korean food – Sohu is everywhere in Shanghai for 17 years, can do hundreds of stores are numbered, Pangu is a. 17 years, 2 brands, 200 stores, decisive cut other formats, attention to Korean cuisine, stubbornly in hundreds of stores to join the open, active use of mobile terminal test cross industry cooperation, mutual flow of its future goals, is thousands of stores. "Chen Hongbo" magazine interview program planning chair: Chen Hongbo (house red network founder) Zhang Dongwei on the franchise in 1999, lawyer Zhang Dongwei waters create its first Pangu catering brands, Neolithic Korean cuisine — casual barbecue (original name Pangu, and later founded the barbecue) Korean creative restaurant Pankoo Busan cuisine in this format, Korean cuisine, one thousand is 17 years. Do a lot of Korean cuisine, can do dozens of not much, Zhang Dongwei with more than and 10 years to do a hundred stores, with two years to do the 200. A leading restaurant early adopters, finally coming into the industry veterans. The chairman Zhang Dongwei Pangu catering "you will gradually complete these cognition, what you must do, what you can do." Zhang Dongwei said, looking back on his 17 years of food and drink, as he did in college. The law may have a gray area, but the sentence is always only two kinds, guilty, or not guilty, in Zhang Dongwei here, do business, engage in food and beverage, there are only two kinds of decision-making, do, or not to do. Determination and determination. Decisive transformation of low price of Korean cuisine in Shanghai in 1999, the best place for Internet cafes or contact, even tour Matera are still a luxury, not casual fashion, but ahead of the restaurant into a futuristic, casual, looks like some adventure, but Zhang Dongwei felt perfectly logical and reasonable. In that a bowl of flour only 2~3 yuan "era, the store is small, the environment in general, Korean style" the most popular Korean restaurant, per capita consumption has reached more than and 100, is arguably the high-end consumer, consumers still buy it. Zhang Dongwei has been doing barbecue format, the traditional Korean food price is not high, there is a lot of room for improvement, he believes that this is the business opportunities, but no one tried to do or not to do? Do! Zhang Dongwei firmly believe that through the analysis of many of the information, their direction is right, then do. This does not matter, he, the Korean rash and too much in haste make snap general store image, Korean style decoration, product pricing, all changed. Neolithic barbecue stores were more common in Korean cuisine, made a large expansion in a small more than and 400 square meters large, even thousands of square meters, the decoration is also up to the modern Korean style, and leisure. At the same time, the product has been reformed. Traditional Korean cuisine will send seven or eight pieces of vegetables, we first sent to the side of the dish to shrink to 3." Food prices are also appropriate to cut down the cost of reasonable, per capita consumption has dropped to 70~80 yuan, "then the design of the market at once, very popular with white-collar workers."相关的主题文章: