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VR made the leader of GoerTek technology Sohu in September will soon be over from the VR820 machine platform, speaking of the most watched events in VR field, that is the IFA exhibition GoerTek jointly released Qualcomm Xiaolong 820 chip virtual reality machine reference design platform based on VR820, and GoerTek as R & D and manufacturing design, leading the global VR sector of Chinese enterprises debut on the international stage again. Leading VR solutions — VR820 machine platform VR820 machine platform integrates 820 Qualcomm snapdragon chip powerful computing capabilities and GoerTek industry-leading VR machine design and manufacturing experience, with 820 Xiaolong Xiaolong VR chip, VR exclusive SDK, eye tracking technology, dual camera with 6 degrees of freedom tracking technology less than 18ms, low vertigo, and four microphone active noise reduction technique based on many highlights. VR820 provides high performance VR integrated development environment for developers to provide a rapid development of VR products, shorten the time to market platform for the brand manufacturers, is of great significance to promote the development of VR industry. The day before, the reporter had the honor to experience the VR820 machine, below and share some feelings. Excellent visual effect VR820 display monocular resolution up to 1440 × 1440, with Qualcomm® TruPalette? Color gamut mapping technology, using GoerTek FOV100 design and manufacture of high clear aspheric optical lens, experience when you will find the VR820 display color more real and rich, the overall picture is very clear and sharp. Degree of freedom spatial smoothing in the images of Demo tracking experience, you can move through on the left, before and after, walked around in the "ocean", on the other hand the octopus and other sea creatures, with their own feelings of azimuth transitions around the "landscape", the picture conversion is very smooth. Realistic 3D sound in the experience of Demo 3D sound, through the sound you can feel to the fire breathing dragon from your rear, side, side direction of roaring, even if you close your eyes can also be issued by small dragon voice to determine its position, this is VR820 3D surround sound technology brought about by the ears immersive sound experience. Smooth operation and heat treatment VR820 run smoothly, did not appear because of the movement of the screen generated instability and delay. And from the GoerTek one machine exclusive stamping heat sink design, combined with the design of natural convection and high performance air cooling materials, effectively enhance the heat dissipation efficiency of VR820. Combined with the lightness of the texture, even if there is no longer wear uncomfortable feeling. More than VR820 — GoerTek actively build VR hardware ecosystem, the overall layout of the VR industry chain as the leading global manufacturer ODM VR products, GoerTek was invited to participate in the September 9 held in Shenzhen, the tiger sniffing F& M artificial Innovation Festival ".相关的主题文章: