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The introduction of Fujian province rural housing insurance regulations — real estate — people.com.cn original title: Fujian Province promulgated new regulations "the implementation of rural housing insurance policy of Fujian province rural housing insurance scheme" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), issued a formal implementation. There are new regulations on the object of insurance, the way of underwriting, the sharing of premium and the standard of claim. Compared with the Fujian provincial government in 2010 issued "on the development of agricultural insurance pilot work notice", the new regulations expand the insurance object, specifically located in the township (street) and village (neighborhood) and the rural household has affected in the county where the range of rural housing, regardless of whether long-term residents were given the same claims; the house has more than one head, give the claims according to the actual residents. At the same time, expand the insurance liability, the new regulations on the insurance liability based on the original, the new sudden landslides (subsidence) for liability insurance, rural housing so damaged, the insurance authority shall claim. New regulations also adjust the source of premium. The establishment of premium sharing mechanism, continue to retain the basic insurance premium 50 million yuan unchanged, fully borne by the provincial finance; new superposition of insurance premium 12 yuan per household, were borne by the provincial cities and counties, individual farmers, including ordinary farmers since the premium of 3 yuan, the provincial and county finance share subsidies 9 yuan per household. At the same time, improve the claims standards. After the definition of ordinary farmers pay individual insurance, can be based on the basis of the insurance claims 10 thousand yuan, and then superimposed claims $15 thousand. Individual farmers do not pay, financial subsidies, claims are not superimposed. The low income and poor households filing riser, do not pay the premium, enjoy automatic superposition of insurance claims. "Plan" pointed out that the Fujian provincial Civil Affairs Department and PICC Fujian branch signed a supplementary agreement in 2016 based on the rural housing insurance agreement. From July 1st onwards, the implementation of new claims standards. Among them, from July to September superimposed insurance premium subsidies required by the provincial, city and county governments in proportion to the proportion of individual farmers pay premiums paid by the provincial finance in full. From October 1st onwards, by the insurance company to pay personal collection of ordinary farmers from the premium, and go through the formalities in accordance with the relevant provisions of farmers insurance premium subsidies, according to the actual number of insured by the government at all levels to pay. (commissioning editor Sun Hongli and Wu Zhenguo)相关的主题文章: