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Full time wife can also be full of charm! Shu – Sohu maternal parenting guru in the end I want to do full-time wife? Will a full-time wife make my social value very low? Will I be able to take on the responsibility of educating my child when I am a full-time wife? If the child does not teach, I will not become a lifetime? This is a lot of worries and concerns for mothers who are going to be full time wives. If you are worried about being abandoned by your work and life, it is not because you are a full-time wife, but because you have an active detachment from society. You have to keep your eye on your husband, not because you are a full-time wife, but because you have a great challenge to your husband, to yourself, to your marriage. If a woman is pretty sure her husband love yourself, believe in yourself is very attractive, affirmation is valuable in the family, so she wouldn’t be worried that they will be abandoned by her husband and family, she will own every day for all business families make proud. So worry and worry are not related to whether you are a full-time wife or not, but to your own confidence in life and your own self-confidence. A full-time wife’s parenting Schedule 1, 6:30 before getting up, take care of the children wake up, go out to work for the students to do breakfast. After 2, finished the breakfast table, together with the children yiyiyaya learn to speak, learn to sing, to carry out half an hour early, helps children get good development in language and temperament. 3, spend hours ~2 hours, together with the children to the market to buy ingredients, go out with the children, look at the outside environment, and other people contact. 4, feed the children to eat some food, the children settled in, started to prepare lunch. 5, after lunch, mother and child together for about an hour’s lunch break. 6 pm, ~5, put some of the strong rhythm of the music let the child swing the body, exercise the child’s big muscles, and mom can also follow up movement together, shaping figure. 7, after the point, while preparing dinner, while talking to the child about his father, in the hearts of children to build a tall image of the father. Two people think about, look forward to when my father came home from work. If the father came home to feel the expectations of his mother and his children, his father will think about going home after work; if the father felt the child’s admiration and worship of him, will be more actively involved in the child’s education. A smart lady in front of the children should know how to flatter his father, and the father in order that this has been touted to exist, will imperceptibly to make their own do as mother cracked up to be in front of the children. In this way, the husband was gradually trained to become a good husband, good father. 8, after dinner, give the child a bath, to tell the story to the child, with the children of some intimate action and emotional communication, so that children feel the love of parents. Many people’s intimate movement, emotional intimacy, often after dinner, pouring more easily expressed, so after dinner is相关的主题文章: