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"Fuxian Lake Protection Regulations" in Yunnan Province — environmental changes increased — people.com.cn original title penalties for illegal sewage behavior: "Fuxian Lake Protection Regulations" in Yunnan province to modify the penalties for illegal sewage acts to increase the Yunnan Provincial People’s Congress recently passed on Revising the "Yunnan province Fuxian Protection Ordinance" (later referred to as the "Regulations") the decision. The revised regulations, to Fuxian Lake illegal sewage behavior will be subject to heavy penalties, car washing, released in the Lake Fuxian Lake aquatic species non indigenous and other acts will also be subject to fines and other penalties. The newly revised regulations increased penalties for illegal sewage behavior. For example, to Fuxian Lake and the river into the lake discharge, dumping of industrial waste water and waste residue, waste, residue oil and waste oil will be fined 50 thousand yuan to 100 thousand yuan; accommodation, catering and other operators to Fuxian Lake and the river into the lake of sewage will be discharged directly from 20 thousand yuan to 50 thousand yuan fine; to Fuxian Lake the river into the lake and dumping of toxic emissions, hazardous waste, waste or burying the watershed will be sentenced to a fine of 100 thousand yuan and 200 thousand yuan, in serious cases can be revoked the permit or temporary discharge permit. Regulations on the part by the illegal acts of sewage fines, to be ordered to make corrections but refuses to do so, make a decision on punishment according to law administrative organs can be the next day from the date of order correction, according to the original penalty consecutive daily fines. (commissioning editor Sun Hongli and Wu Zhenguo)相关的主题文章: