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G20 after the outbreak of Hangzhou during the National Day reception 15 million people or the original title: Hangzhou tourism G20 attack after the first outbreak period from the passenger traffic is expected to record high in Hangzhou in September 30, (Fang Kun Shi Jiaxiu) October 1st, Zhejiang Hangzhou will usher in the first National Day holiday after the G20 summit. Reporters from the comprehensive understanding of many departments, the "eleven" holiday, is expected to have a large number of tourists from across the country and even around the world came to Hangzhou, a taste of the charm of the city, the city tourism will usher in G20 after the first large-scale outbreak period. According to the Hangzhou Municipal Tourism Commission predicted that this year’s eleven holiday Hangzhou traffic will exceed the historical level, is expected to receive the number of tourists will reach 15 million passengers, representing an increase of about 15% over the same period last year. Tourism is expected to achieve a total revenue of 11 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of about 20%. Travel travel to Japan drops Ali United released the "eleven big data travel forecast report", the traffic before the situation, the popular tourist city and popular attractions forecast. In the "eleven" period, Hangzhou West Lake will become the most hot spots, followed by the Beijing the Summer Palace and the Kuan Alley and Zhai Alley in Chengdu, when it may appear huge crowds of people. From the analysis of the situation of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, West Lake live performance venues, music fountain, Lake City (Qianjiang, Wulin Square) light show, G20 main field will become a tourist destination hall. According to the anticipation, Qianjiang new light show viewing area, Wulin Square and music fountain, bridge, Sir Georg Solti West Lake Nankou scenic spots, will face a short period of time the passenger carrying a large amount of pressure. West Lake scenic area management power has increased to more than 3000 people, is also a joint public security, urban management, traffic police and other departments, hot spots in the additional staff, shunt management at any time. And around the hot spots of congestion, music fountain flow of people, such as the emergence of various types of emergencies, respectively, the development of contingency plans." West Lake scenic area scenic management staff Wang Shan told reporters. According to the "one district, a scene of a plan" requirements, the relevant departments of Hangzhou, Xixi, West Lake area of dense canal, pagoda, Hefangjie Street, Songcheng, Qiandao Lake and other tourists, once again to develop and further strengthen the tourism safety emergency plan. In addition, according to a comprehensive analysis, during the National Day holiday, Hangzhou total passenger traffic is expected to reach 39 million 420 thousand passengers, an increase of about 6.54%. September 30th, Hangzhou airport ushered in the peak passenger flow. It is reported that the Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport is expected landing flight 764 sorties, expected passenger throughput of 100 thousand passengers. Hangzhou airport passenger throughput in 2015 this year, the National Day holiday will have a big increase, expected passenger throughput of 7 day holiday will be around 670 thousand passengers, an increase of about 10% flights is expected in about 4950 vehicles, an increase of about 8%." Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport relevant person in charge told reporters that air capacity is more adequate, the overall can meet the needs of the majority of passenger travel. The railway, the reporter learned that the "eleven" period, the Hangzhou Railway Station is expected to add 19.3 passenger trains相关的主题文章: