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Gansu provincial public memorial activities held in Lanzhou martyrs cemetery (Figure) – Gansu Channel – September 30 Lanzhou Xinhua (Gao Zengluo) September 30th is the "Memorial Day", the morning, the provincial capital of Gansu from all walks of life in Lanzhou martyrs cemetery held memorial activities, deep memory of revolutionary martyrs, carry forward the spirit of martyrs, excited the cadres and masses of patriotic enthusiasm. Lanzhou martyrs cemetery cypress green, entrusted with deep grief, the memorial monument on the red flag fluttering in the breeze, rich multicolored decorations, "eternal glory to the people’s Heroes" eight gold Chinese characters in the light of the sun shining. 10 o’clock, the ceremony officially began in the solemn national anthem. First of all the silence, then the young pioneers chorus of "we are the successors of communism", then the ceremonial soldiers walked upright heroic sonorous and forceful pace, divided into two columns of marching to the front of the monument stands a gun. Gansu provincial Party committee, Gansu Provincial People’s Congress, the Gansu Provincial People’s government, the CPPCC Gansu Provincial Committee in Gansu, people’s Liberation Army and armed police forces, the democratic parties, the CPC Lanzhou Municipal Committee, Lanzhou Municipal People’s government, Lanzhou community, 9 large baskets were laid lined up, placed in front of the monument to the martyrs square, a military band the team played a solemn high pitched melody. Accompanied by a soulful song "flowers", 18 Eli soldiers lift the 9 baskets, escorted to the front of the monument. The provincial capital on behalf of all walks of life in turn came to the front of the monument, the memorial of martyrs valiant record, feel the happiness of life today is not easily won. Share to: (long and Zhou Wanting commissioning editor: coke)相关的主题文章: