Goodfellas yesterday China perfect ending exhibition of contemporary spiritual war (video)

"Goodfellas" yesterday the perfect ending exhibition of contemporary spirit China battle "Goodfellas" suspected of life "bad guy" also wanna Tencent entertainment Lan Xiaolong screenwriter, director Jane Chuan he’s Spy Drama "Goodfellas" yesterday to the perfect ending. The ratings can, in view of social topics after Lan Xiaolong’s drama needs two more depth to three fermentation. Zhang Yi, Li Chen, Lan Xiaolong starred in the drama again, with unusual tension, stage of their interpretation of characters based on Chinese in modern history, between the North West and Shanghai Shanghai casserole each other to pull the repulsion walk a fine line. In the "soldier assault", "my head of my group" and "line" and "soldiers Trilogy", "Agent Zero" Rewriting "Goodfellas" in a very special perspective of the history of the Republic of China, trying to find the problem and the answer is "China history where", the edge is the "human right is the vicissitudes of life" the secret history of the Lu Yan, Lu version, Miao, Castle Peak, if the water, Mr. Tu, time two generations down the search for the thought of the Internet, the action of the sword, the blacksmith, such as the return of Ji Kang, Wu Yong, on the abacus’s sing song Clay oven rolls Liu Ji to recruit soul, World War II will be broad and party struggle, gang conflict, war and so on are ideal together. United Group has divided, united front, quarrel between brothers or outward first, this nation thought, composed of the name of the individual and organization in their thought, are leaving their will in the history. "Goodfellas" is definitely an idealistic overflowing drama, but itself has given Chinese national all have a positive negative, black and white with red and blue, this is a need to mobilize their own energy to the audience on follow-up TV series, there is a considerable pursuit of work. "Goodfellas" face is national character, when an enterprise is unreasonable force away empty, the backup will be resurrected in the seed insects sound, before they are long latency, seemingly useless, this is after a close call reconstruction, it is useless, "Goodfellas" during the period of the story is. Zhang Yi and He Siqi, Li Chen and Lu Yan Tu Mo has a time, enough of the chemical reaction between actor and role, suffused with a dazzling light. The reform movement of 1898, the May 4th Movement, the northern expedition, the revolutionary youth, "Goodfellas" is the third and four generation of "young Chinese", their ultimate question, is bound to destroy the real world (also at least in their mind) "all not equal", and to establish a new world". From the point of view of Hagel about the evil dialectics, Engels once said that evil is the manifestation of the motive force of historical development, "Goodfellas" completely gives the process of "evil", between the dream of war, certainly is full of blood and fire, life and death. The castle of dreams, by Lu Yan Lu Miao (one and two, two and a brother), bolt et al to complete. Mr. Tu and the time of the dream, will (if the water, mountains, beautiful rivers and mountains of a country and the mighty reed general people) and to expel foreign air raids. China’s future is the dream and the dream of war. Thinking, poetry and history with "Goodfellas", is the abstract symbol of the allegorical drama, stage play, including foot.相关的主题文章: