Google cloud to join the data block chain services, the fight Amazon ibm- Sohu

Google cloud data block chain services to fight the Amazon IBM- Sohu technology photograph: Avere Google cloud services will be used for the test data bank block chain technology, in recent years, IBM, Microsoft and Amazon have been in this field for customers. In a statement, GFT said in a statement Friday that Royal Bank of Scotland used Google’s servers in a series of new data block chain tests for currency settlement and clearing. Allegedly, Google’s cloud services will also be available to other customers of the company, GFT company is located in Stuttgart, germany. So far, IBM and Microsoft Corp are actively introducing developer tools, inviting banks and startups to test this new database technology with their huge data centers. Cloud services leader Amazon has also been in cooperation with the block chain startups. GFT is a member of Google cloud platform cooperation projects. Block chain is a distributed accounting system, a number of companies (such as banks) can safely record transactions. The strength of the database is its reliability: it is very difficult to reverse or change the recorded transactions. By enhancing trust and cooperation, the technology is expected to make a lot of industries more efficient, whether it is to complete the international transfer or payment to suppliers, all processes can reduce costs. Finance, supply chain, medical and other industries are trying to block chain applications, cloud services for them to open up new growth space, including Google’s Alphabet. Cloud testing is usually easier and faster than testing on the bank’s own computer. If the test is successful, cloud services may be able to play a role in the block chain application, because the database shared by a number of companies, easier to manage in the cloud. According to research firm Gartner said that this year, the global public cloud services market could reach $two hundred and four billion, higher than last year’s $one hundred and seventy-five billion. Bloomberg via相关的主题文章: