Google driverless car accident occurred many times, this time the most serious winavi video converter

Google unmanned vehicle accident occurred several times, the most serious this week, Google and apple have big news for Google, but we encounter expressed regret, because of its unmanned vehicle and hit the news; apple is still speculation stage, exactly buy Mai Karen, not the bystanders to decide. For this week, as well as people cannot read the repairer plan, with $1 billion 80 million in financing. – North America – 1, Google driverless car suffered the most serious car accident recently, Google driverless car suffered a serious car accident in the mountains and a truck collided. The source said that this is the most serious car accident suffered by Google. It is reported that at that time, Google driverless cars are in autopilot mode. At the crossroads of the car was hit by another commercial truck on the road, the right side of the car door is seriously depressed, the car airbag has been ejected, but fortunately no casualties. Google official believes that the accident due to the truck driver broke the traffic lights, and Google autopilot does not matter, it is a passive victim. In January this year, a statistical report said, Google driverless car every 9600 kilometers will happen with a traffic accident, more than the United States traffic police attendance (every 80 thousand km). 2, cars are not going well, apple wants to buy a Karen? According to the Financial Times reported that Apple Corp is negotiating with the British luxury sports car manufacturer Karen technology group, considering the company’s full acquisition or strategic injection. Informed sources said the negotiations between the two companies have been carried out for several months. Apple is interested in Karen’s technology, engineering strength and patent portfolio. However, whether the final transaction is still uncertain. Karen estimates between 1 billion and 1 billion 500 million pounds. The United States automotive research group Kelley Blue Book analyst Michael Harley said, apple with Mai Karen patents and mature experience, in the car research and development, the two sides should work together is very fit. However, Bloomberg analysts believe that the probability is not large. Because the British company is known for the production of speeding luxury sports cars, and Apple’s development of unmanned electric vehicles rumors do not match. The latest progress is that apple and Karen declined to comment on the news. 3, the world’s first automatic driving policy introduced in September 19th, Obama in Pittsburgh local newspaper "Pittsburgh post" published entitled "autopilot, yes, but the same security" article. He said the White House on the road to launch a new car policy, and handed over to the state government as a guiding rule. September 20th, the U.S. Department of transportation on the official promulgation of the federal policy of automatic driving car, the provisions of the new car or technology should be able to meet the safety requirements of 15 points on the road. The 15 security essentials including data recording and sharing, privacy, network security vehicle, crashworthiness, consumer education and training, after the collision, federal, state and local regulations, operation design, object and event detection and response etc.. Policy, the United states.相关的主题文章: