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GREE 15 motion by small and medium shareholders rejected the Congress without applause Dong Mingzhu "hot money flows thousands of sincere words and earnest wishes" column on a thousand shares shares the latest rating diagnosis simulated trading client adviser national contest: Irving King peep catch demon shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to guide the original title: the shareholders’ meeting is not Dong Mingzhu "sincere words and earnest wishes. 15 pass GREE cool heart each reporter Chen Pengli Xie Hongchen this past weekend, a GREE chairman Dong Mingzhu on Friday (October 28th) to speak to the extraordinary general meeting held on the video spread in the capital circle. "I didn’t come in for the first time." The "daily economic news" reporter noted that the video of Dong Mingzhu is full of energy. "GREE is not ill treat you! I can’t say this at all. You look at the listed companies which have to give you a few dividends?" Dong Mingzhu’s words so that the presence of a public silence. Subsequently, Dong Mingzhu also played the emotional card, sincere words and earnest wishes, "until now, I have to go out alone. Why do people say? Such a big business, why not ask two people, help you wash clothes are good. I said it was a waste! To earn more money for the enterprise, we should save down." However, although Dong Mingzhu always grasp the initiative on the discourse, but the final meeting of the shareholders of the voting results did not satisfy her. Reporters noted that GREE acquired Zhuhai silver long new energy Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the silver long new energy) stake in the motion barely passed, but the matching funds raised 9 billion 690 million and 15 motion, but in the small and medium-sized shareholders jointly blocked, and ultimately did not take place. A number of small and medium-sized shareholders rejected the bill is to buy Silver Long new energy shares, GREE took pains, has planned a half a year. In February 22, 2016, GREE announced the suspension planning a major asset acquisition; in March 6th, the company announcement said to be planning to issue shares to acquire GREE in Zhuhai silver long new energy. In August 19th, GREE bursts 35 announcement, the disclosure of details of the acquisition and said that the purchase price of 13 billion yuan silver long new energy 100% stake. After the completion of the acquisition, silver long new energy will become a wholly owned subsidiary of GREE. At the same time, GREE also additional 9 billion 690 million yuan for supporting financing. However, according to the evening of October 30th GREE’s announcement, the relevant matters of the acquisition of silver long new energy shares in the shareholders’ meeting by the blocking of small and medium investors. In the 26 meeting of the company to submit the general meeting of shareholders to consider the motion, the final motion has not been approved by the general meeting of the 15. The "daily economic news" reporter noted that in the first 25 special resolution motion, through the consideration of the motion of second, 3, 9, 10, 14, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24 bills, the bill failed to pass a special resolution. Even if the bill passed, the process is quite thrilling". In accordance with the relevant provisions of the special resolution motion to be adopted相关的主题文章: