Guaranteed Access To A New York Publisher Means Dog Guardians Can Feed Their Dogs Without Fear-super bass

Writing-and-Speaking Books published by New York publishing houses tend to garner a higher degree of respect than those published outside of the Big Apple. Authors with New York books often find it easier to get media attention than those using other methods, such as small presses or print-on-demand publishers. But first-time authors may find it nearly impossible to get the attention of the big houses, even when their message saves lives. Unfortunately, The road from completed book manuscript to publication through traditional channels is a long one with numerous challenges. A first-time author must first create a formal book proposal which will take weeks of work. Next, the writer goes through the process of submitting it to publishers and/or agents. According to a New York Publisher CEO, it takes the average person 100 formal book proposal submissions only to get a publisher to say no. Many submissions go unanswered, and many publishers disallow simultaneous submissions, increasing the time it takes for a book to get into print. An author with a life-saving message cannot wait years for the book to find its way into print, but there is another option that gives authors guaranteed access to a New York Publisher… Sandra Bailey, author of Real Dogs Dont Eat Kibble, first book in the Naturally Healthy Dog Series, has a passion for dogs. Her book teaches dog guardians exactly how to prepare healthy meals for their canine companions using the raw diet. The recent pet food recalls have brought added urgency to Baileys message. Bailey invested in a complete authoring and business development system with guaranteed access to a book-in-bookstores New York Publisher. Entrepreneurial publishing offers the advantages of a New York Publisher without the drawbacks. The Entrepreneurial Authoring Program and individual mentoring taught her how to create the worlds best lead generator for her businessa book. Entrepreneurial Authoring Program and individual business mentoring teach clients how to create a book that is an entrepreneurially sound lead generator for a well-structured business. A book that is entrepreneurially sound naturally leads readers to interact with the author and continue to do business again and again. The book is specifically designed as an invitation to take part in the authors other services. Baileys book generates leads for her health spa for small dogs and other products and services. About the Author: "What If You Could Author A Best Seller in Less Than 12 Hours of Actual Writing and Gain Instant Access To A New York Publisher Without An Agent and Formal Book Proposal?" How? By Following This Simple, Proven System for Authoring Success. ..AuthorandGrowRich.. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: