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Guo Chuan navigator lost 39 hours China to promote us to increase the search and rescue efforts original title: Consulate General in Losangeles China Guo Sichuan pay close attention to the matter lost to promote the United States news agency to increase search and rescue efforts in October 27 Losangeles Xinhua (reporter Zhang Shuo) China Consulate General in Losangeles on the 27 day of the China News Agency reporter said the consulate has been closely Guo Sichuan lost tracking, maintain close communication and actively work with the United States, urging each other to increase the search and rescue efforts. Chinese professional sailing player Guo Chuan in a solo sailing across the Pacific Ocean on the way, 25 in the vicinity of Hawaii lost contact. Data figure: Guo Chuan, a reporter from the Consulate in Hawaii was informed that the United States Coast Guard maritime rescue center for Han Dirksen in the latest progress in the search and rescue to inform the Chinese side said that the center 25 days after receiving the report, should the Chinese request send the number of HC-130 fixed wing aircraft incident area search found Guo Sichuan sailing, the spinnaker have water, but no one on deck by radio, walkie talkie call several times no one answered. In the repeated requests of the Chinese, the center of the next day in addition to continue to send aircraft to search and rescue, but also requested the United States Navy to come forward to assist. U.S. Navy warships arrived in the waters on the afternoon of the incident. Rescuers aboard by small boats. The ship was not found on the trail, the life jacket on board. The preliminary judgment, sailing in the running process, spinnaker may malfunction, resulting in sailing off course, Guo trying to repair, because of the big waves hull rough and accidentally fell into the water. Specific reasons need to be determined by the technical staff after testing. The United States will have to reduce the ship sailing speed down. So far, the United States has reached 4600 square miles of search range, this time Guo Guo has more than 39 hours. The United States will determine the next step after the re evaluation of the search and rescue program, but also requires the international maritime rescue center to notify all the vessels concerned after the incident search and rescue. (end) editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: