Haikou mainly manages the East and West Lake water bodies to complete the dredging work in the year-tencent upd

Haikou key management of East and West Lake water body completed dredging work in Dongxihu, Haikou carried out sludge remediation project. Nanhai network reporter Chen Wang photo South China Sea, South China Sea network client Haikou October 7th news (South China Sea network reporter Chen Wang) the morning of October 7th, the South China Sea network reporter saw in Haikou West Lake, more than a dozen sludge sludge stirring mixer is the use of separation technology on the regulation of West Lake. It is understood that the Longhua District of Haikou is focusing on water control work in Dongxihu, and strive to achieve clean lake water in Dongxihu in 2018. The people’s Park on the north side of the East and West Hubei and Hunan is located in downtown Haikou, known as the "eight Haikou" in the "Pinghu monthly", it is not only the people of Haikou leisure centre, is also one of Haikou tourists to sightseeing attractions. At present, Haikou Dongxihu lake environmental remediation achieved remarkable results. Dongxihu sludge remediation project carried out in Haikou. Nanhai network reporter Chen Wang photo it is understood that the Dongxihu sludge remediation project is the Haikou "double" project, the use of biological technology to clean Xiaoyu Dongxihu silt, and complete the dredging work of Dongxihu in the year of the water injection in addition, Dongxihu will also and the Lake sewage interception, cross-strait landscape upgrade.

海口重点治理东西湖水体 年内完成清淤工作 海口开展东西湖污泥整治工程。 南海网记者 陈望 摄   南海网、南海网客户端海口10月7日消息(南海网记者 陈望 )10月7日上午,南海网记者在海口西湖看到,十几部污泥搅拌机正在使用污泥搅拌分离技术对西湖进行整治。据了解,海口龙华区正在重点进行东西湖的水体治理工作,力争在2018年实现东西湖湖水清洁。   人民公园北侧的东西两湖位于海口市中心,被称为“海口八景”中的“平湖双月”,这里不仅是海口市民的休闲活动中心,也是外地游客到海口观光游玩的景点之一。目前,海口东西湖湖心岛环境卫生整治取得明显成效。 海口开展东西湖污泥整治工程。 南海网记者 陈望 摄   据了解,东西湖污泥整治工程是海口“双创”工程,利用生物消淤技术对东西湖湖底淤泥进行清洁,并于年内完成东西湖的清淤工作,此外,还将对注入东西湖的水源进行截污,并对湖两岸进行景观提升。相关的主题文章: