Halfway husband and wife to buy a house after the death of the man sentenced to his son was invalid-masa-c

The woman died halfway couples purchase man to sell the son disallowed Lee, Zhang old couple halfway, each have a child. With age, the two old people common wills funeral arrangements, both to ensure their own interests but also to ensure the rights of the child two. However, in the death of his wife, Lee has to make a will, and housing to trading in the form of transfer to his son. Granny Zhang’s son to court so requires confirmation lilaobo son contract is invalid, the Shanghai Hongkou District court ultimately ruled in favor of the granny Zhang son sue. His wife died at the house to offer granny Zhang and Lee was born in 1920s, two people had not met, a halfway marriage and let them together. The two married in 1970s when each with a child, named Li Tianyang and Li Qingjian, including Lee Tian Yang, Zhang granny’s son, and Li Qingjian is lilaobo son. Nearly half a century of marriage, the old two also fell and the United States and the United states. In 2008, the two decided to arrange advanced in age old good funeral. As a precaution, the two old people over, in the common to the notary office made a two will. The main content of the will is, if their first wife died, two people shared their own share of houses and other property in their own name by his inheritance after the death of his wife, housing and other property including his wife from his inherit share from two children with a total of two people each inheritance inheritance, fifty percent. After a lapse of four years, Zhang granny died before 2012, lilaobo died. According to the notarial will before the two, Granny Zhang in Dalian West Road Housing share by Lee inherited, Lee became the only property Dalian road property. When Lee was selfish, while his own son, one side is no blood relationship with his stepson, lilaobo thinking eventually to his own son. So Lee and his son Li Qingjian signed a contract for the sale, they agreed to transfer 1 million 150 thousand yuan to the house of Li Qingjian, and the house is registered in the name of Li Qingjian. A discerning eye can see, the so-called sale is just a form, only two people in the name of no sale of real sale. For insurance purposes, Lee went to the notary office to make a will, said before the will has been canceled, according to the wishes of their real estate all left to Li Qingjian, and from the sales contracts should be delivered to his son 1629, the rest of their property are reserved for Li Tian Yang. The paper can not contain the fire, after a series of actions that Lee, Lee Li Tianyang that violates the mother’s wishes, violated their legal rights, so the court for confirmation of Lee and his brother signed housing contracts of sale is invalid. Unwilling to oppose stepson rights and interests being infringed on the court, Li Tianyang believes that the Dalian road house is the mother and stepfather married in 2005 through the joint purchase housing reform. In 2008, the mother and stepfather made a notarized will, in fact, each other will be the content of the will of the will of the will, is a common will, but also the common meaning of the two people, not a person’s freedom相关的主题文章: