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Han Han Ningbo restaurant closed by subsequent collection sent staff to understand the situation of "Han Han headquarters in Ningbo restaurant last month closed more than a dozen debt went to Hangzhou door collection" follow-up "glad to meet you, Hangzhou shop in Ningbo yesterday appointed Han Han catering company creditors Shanghai headquarters staff to Hangzhou suppliers who know will go to Shanghai to check the accounts for 26 days at noon, Mr. Sun and his friends passed by Han Han’s" nice to meet you "restaurant, see more than and 10 people holding a sign at the door again. Mr. Sun learned that these people come from Ningbo last month, "glad to meet you," the Ningbo store closed, doing business in Ningbo and they shop, after the collapse of all can not find people, but only to find the Hangzhou store. The police confirmed that this was indeed the case, and had sent a person to dissuade him in time. The day before yesterday morning, I arrived at the lakeside intime in77 on the first floor, "glad to meet you, Hangzhou shop, the restaurant is still in the normal business. It is understood that at the beginning of 2014, Han Han and partner of the establishment of the Shanghai Xiang Ye Catering Management Co. Ltd, to create "glad to meet you, and food and beverage brands in the past two years in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu and other places to shop. I counted the number of restaurants in the country’s major cities in the number of stores, a total of 58, including Zhejiang, the door of the store, in addition to Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Shaoxing each one, has been closed on the list of the Ningbo shop. At noon, to eat a lot of customers. Most of the customers said that the reason to choose to come here to eat, are rushing to Han Han, before you did not hear someone come to Hangzhou shop, talk about the price, the price is acceptable. "Is a little less, taste good. Hangzhou this price is also quite a lot of shops, do not come here feel a grade, after all, Han Han high popularity ah! And friends about rice, said Han Han shop, we all understand." Yesterday, a female customer and two friends point 6 vegetables, consumption of about 400 yuan. As well as the customer said, "debt collection" is the store burned, as long as delicious, still want to come. Customers also know that the Ningbo shop closed. "Business dealings, sometimes funds zhouzhuanbukai, payment of arrears is normal, but reports said the boss can not find here, want to return the money can also understand, after all, the hanging is Han Han brand, but shareholders are not the same group of people do not know." Mr. Han said the customer. More than and 10 Ningbo suppliers from multiple industries to Hangzhou collection for "nice to meet you" Ningbo shop owed money the day before yesterday morning in front of the restaurant, I saw more than and 10 suppliers came from Ningbo. These suppliers have said that at the beginning and was very pleased to meet you, Ningbo shop cooperation, pre play money from Hangzhou, I am very pleased to meet you". They speculated that the two stores may have common shareholders. Last month, Ningbo shop closed, people can not contact, no way to Hangzhou." Fruit and vegetable suppliers, Mr. Sun said. It is understood that in August last year, I am very pleased to meet you, Ningbo shop opened, the business was very hot. Then the restaurant was customer complaints can not provide invoices, the local market supervision bureau investigation confirmed that the restaurant is flat相关的主题文章: