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Hanguang exercises Apache misses? Taiwan Army denied: new network within the target area in August 24 – people.com.cn Xinhua, Taiwan’s ETTV cloud coverage, Taiwan 23 in the armed forces joint training base camp for the Hankuang 32 exercises with Yong drill rehearsal, dispatched armored vehicles, CM11 vehicles such as leopard, otherwise AH-1W attack helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles UAV and AH-64E, Apache helicopters, UH-60M helicopter. There are media reports, AH-1W and Apache attack helicopters were traditional weapons when shooting, did not hit the target. The army clarified 30 cannon and rocket are area fire weapons, shooting today have been covered in the area. In 23, Hankuang 32 exercises rehearsal Set 26 conditions, imaginary enemy attack, first sent drones to spy, followed by Air Force fighters, simulated firing guns, army aviation helicopters, artillery fire support, and finally by ground troops and battlefield in pursuit of the implementation of the charge; in addition to the mobilization of thousands of soldiers to participate in exercise, and dispatched 4 Apache helicopters, rockets, gun firing as the target area, and another 19 CM11 tanks to participate in the exercise. However, but the media pointed out that the process of AH-1W and Apache attack helicopter public rivalry, the traditional weapon did not hit the target. The Army Command said late helicopter air weapons for shooting and hanging courses, UH-60M and AH-64E change of the Apache helicopter training courses, on the basis of the formation of the emerging forces army plan, with the implementation of Chinese exercises soldiers and live show. The army pointed out that due to the 30 gun and rocket are area fire weapons, shooting today have been covered in the area; although the 2 models not formally into the army, but has never stopped training, military exercises and training program introduced a ring, officers and soldiers are proud, we must be dedicated, encouragement and support, as for performance effectiveness is the debut, there are still rooms for improvement review.相关的主题文章: