Happigo of Hunan broadcasting group listing plan visli reorganization temporarily stranded cagliari exchange

Happigo of Hunan broadcasting group listing plan visli reorganization temporarily stranded each reporter Yan Yinchan intern reporter Liu Xiaoxue lasted for several months, Happigo (300413, SZ) to create the "entertainment media" the first unit of the plan, but because of "the implementation conditions are not ripe and bathing. November 5th, happy purchase announcement that it will terminate the acquisition of the actual controller of Hunan radio and television (hereinafter referred to as Hunan radio and television) 7 or all of the company’s controlling stake in the restructuring plan. It is worth noting that, Hunan radio and television related assets listed on the path has been much attention. According to previously disclosed information, including the Golden Eagle cartoon, film and television entertainment, mango mango will be packaged into the "happy purchase plan", also let the market believes that it has a clear path to market. Some analysts believe that a listed company platform Dianguangchuanmei Hunan radio and television, if successful acquisition of the stake Happigo these 7 companies, and Dianguangchuanmei will inevitably exist in the same competition certain. This may be a reason for the termination of the reorganization. The termination of the reorganization, the path of capital operation of Hunan broadcasting the next step more whirling. However, despite the restructuring wasted, market performance is quite brisk Happigo, yesterday (November 7th) stock will resume trading sealed daily limit. Happy acquisition of the termination of November 5th, the joy of the purchase announcement that the acquisition of Hunan radio and television’s 7 companies terminated. The reason for the termination, Happigo said that the status of the company’s assets restructuring program involving the underlying complex, the restructuring plan is subject to discussion and improvement of current implementation conditions are not ripe, decided to terminate the major asset reorganization. In August this year, Happigo issued asset restructuring progress announcements, the underlying assets to be purchased for the Hunan happy sunshine interactive entertainment media Co., Ltd., Shanghai Media Co. Ltd., Hunan mango Entertainment Limited, mango TV Culture Co. Ltd. and Shanghai mango mutual Entertainment Technology Co. Ltd., Hunan Golden Eagle cartoon Co. Ltd. and Hunan days of entertainment Advertising Co. Ltd. all or a controlling stake. Happy purchase said that the termination of the reorganization of the company’s existing production and operation activities will not adversely affect the company’s strategic plan will not affect. The "daily economic news" reporter learned that Happigo just released three quarterly show soon, this year 1~9 month, Happigo operating income of about 2 billion 480 million yuan, an increase of 19.97%, during the reporting period to achieve the corresponding attributable net profit of about 34 million 160 thousand yuan, year-on-year decline of 39.56%. According to Happigo 2016 semi annual report shows that the main source of revenue including Happigo TV shopping, O2O and other five categories, but mobile, social electricity supplier, mango car, O2O business is still in cultivation period. In this regard, the retail industry experts, and Capital Partners Tao Wensheng said that "the new project Happigo is still in the cultivation stage, realize the effective conversion of profit flow of income and profit scale yet, still need a certain period". Hunan radio and television capital operation adds variables is worth mentioning, including BOCI Securities previously released a research report.相关的主题文章: