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Hefei roof of the Buddha was removed by the night of the 4 companies involved in the absence of any response – Sohu news Hefei World Financial Plaza, the roof of the building to open the temple of the Buddha, with new progress. November 5th at 9 am, surging news (reporter) visited the site again Hefei Global Financial Plaza Investment Center found that the door of the building parked a nuclear load of 5 tons of crane under construction. A construction staff to the surging news reporter said that the demolition work has ended. The crane of Hefei world financial center is at the entrance plaza merchants work. Surging news sun Mingli charts of the staff also pointed out that last night (4 night) after 8 came to the front of the building began to work, was not completed until now, "we will tear down the main Buddha, as over how to deal with, we do not know". Asked the question, "who wants you to work" and "whether the Buddha upstairs is down", the staff did not answer. Surging news reporter from the nearby buildings in the past and found that 4 statues have been removed, placed on the ground floor of the roof. According to the Southern Metropolis Daily reported, a local photographer through the UAV aerial see, found that the World Financial Plaza Merchants Center the roof has 5 golden Buddha statue, bronze Buddha statue 4, there are 2 similar temple building. Buddha statues in the lobby of the 3 floor of Hefei world financial plaza. Surging news Mingli sun map and different two days before, the Front Gate building has been closed, only from the side door into. Surging news reporter found that after the first two days on duty staff has been replaced. After the reporter to show identity, duty staff refused to allow reporters to enter the roof to watch, any questions for reporters are not clear". Subsequently, the surging news reporter to call someone’s Anhui province Zhen Da Investment Development Co., Ltd., but the phone has been no answer. In November 4th, the reporter had to merchants entered the global financial center of China Merchants Plaza 3 floor, Anhui province Zhengda investment development limited company office, with a height of about seven or eight meters of Golden Buddha standing in front of the office, the office is very conspicuous, and only two and said to the clerk, unaware of the specific situation of buddha. Buddha statues in the lobby of the 3 floor of Hefei world financial plaza. Figure 4 Mingli sun surging news, surging news in Hefei "the roof of a building built in open-air suspected statues and temples, religious affairs: not allowed to build open title Buddha" reports, the top Hefei Global Financial Plaza built a suspected open-air statues and temples. Shushan District Public Complaints Bureau Office Minister Wang alien November 3rd told the surging news, open big Buddha built on the top floor is certainly not allowed, November 4th and related leaders went to the field to see. As early as December 1996, the central United Front Work Department of the State Council, bureau of religious affairs had issued a "central United Front Work Department and the State Council on religious affairs to stop disorderly built temples and statues of open views", clearly pointed out that for a special treatment of chaos to build temples and open the Buddha, not handled properly according to the provisions approved has built temples and outdoor Buddha etc.. But in recent years, open-air Buddha is not a case. For example, Shenzhen overseas Chinese town of Nanshan District sand.相关的主题文章: