Henan more than junior high school students fighting a student was stabbed in the heart Dagger jessica rabbit

Henan more than junior high school students fighting a student was stabbed in the heart dagger original title: fighting a student killed JINGWAH times news Henan Nanyang more than junior high school students (reporter Wu Hongli) in late November 3rd 6, Nanyang City, Henan Province town the first junior high school students, Zhao and Xiaozhuang, small peak and several other classmates quarrel, Zhao an iron rice fork will scratch the small peak. Later, Zhao Xiao Zhuang dagger heart position, causing their injuries. Yesterday, local police said, Xiaozhuang died in the hospital on the way, the police have to Zhao criminal detention. Yesterday, the small village uncle Mr. Ma told reporters, Xiao Zhuang town the first grade nine in primary school, "a few days to 15 years old birthday". In late November 3rd 7, Xiao Zhuang’s parents had children injured in school. More than 9 points that night, they see the child’s body at the funeral home, "the left chest position has a significant edge". Mr. Ma said that the afternoon of November 4th, the local public security bureau deputy director, bureau of education director surnamed Li and Zhou town first primary school principals and teachers informed the case to the family. Mr Ma introduced the notification process to reporters, deputy director Zhou introduced to the family after the incident, the suspect Zhao for the school students in grade eight, he was the school "problems more, love something". A small peak is a transfer student, and the same as the Zhuang Students in grade nine, lived in the same dormitory. The evening of November 2nd, Zhao had to find a small peak at the dormitory, a small peak is not in the dormitory, "Zhao to the dormitory had threatened to hit the peak, but did not find one". A small village and small peak relations better, he had to give a small peak this evening. Deputy director Zhou said, the next day 5 in the afternoon after school, and more than a small peak Xiao Zhuang students to the classroom to find Zhao, the two sides altercation, "Zhao Mouxian began, he took an iron meal fork stabbed a small peak". Subsequently, the herd beat Zhao Xiao Zhuang et al. Zhao fled, separated. Unexpectedly, Zhao took a dagger back revenge, he saw the corridor alone in the small village, the small village plugging into the first floor of the stairs and put the dagger into his left chest position, "just stuck in the heart, a lot of blood". After the incident, the alarm and emergency telephone call, but the small village on the way in the hospital has lost vital signs. Zhou, deputy director, said that night, the police worked through the night to find out what happened, and has taken coercive measures against the suspects. Li Li, director of the local education bureau, said the parents, there is such a situation that the school management loopholes, will punish the responsible person. In November 6th, Nanyang City, Wolong District Publicity Department informed that in November 3rd 6 pm, town Wolong District, the first junior high school students because of an altercation with Zhao Zhuang and several other students clashed, causing serious injuries zhuangmou. After the incident, the school immediately call 120 and the police, while quickly rushed to the hospital after the Zhuang, Zhuang died. Local government, the education sector has also entered the school in time to set up a working group to deal with the incident. At present, the police are investigating the cause of the incident, the relevant departments are doing their best to deal with the aftermath. Yesterday, reporters call the Wolong District Public Security Bureau deputy director surnamed zhou. He said that in November 4th into the afternoon相关的主题文章: