High school students to teach children to learn the lessons of micro chips to buy all the chips to s-www.sdcp.cn

High school students take micro lesson to teach rural children learning to raise the public to buy instruments to school a group of Wuhan public high school students, and to raise money for recording micro class rural weak schools, convenient to use the network to offer love to play new tricks. Yesterday, the reporter saw Wu in the British science and technology agency members and wish a Junwei Su week, is a sophomore in high school they not long ago for the Huangpi middle school to research experimental instrument of nearly 5000 yuan. Zhu Yiwei, President of the science and Technology Agency, she set up a high-tech society in a high school, brought together a group of high school students love science and technology. Learned from the charity organization in Wuhan, Huangpi secondary schools in the lack of experimental instruments, for this reason, science and technology agency public interest group launched in May this year, a public network to raise. Through the efforts of a few months, raised a total of more than 9000 yuan. According to the Ministry of Public Welfare Research Institute of physical and chemical laboratory equipment to provide a list of defects, the purchase of nearly 5000 yuan of laboratory equipment, in the middle of October to send a van to the school. High school students to raise the public to do all the chips, not easy. I wish a Junwei Su week feel the greatest difficulty and circle is not big enough, many participants are members and parents, parents and acquaintances. Many people do not think that high school students do can change what, think donated money equivalent to "dashuipiao". The science and Technology Agency also hopes that through the convenience of the network, with the weak school students to establish long-term exchanges, continue to help them. To this end, the creation of a public platform for WeChat, members of their own design, recording, editing video, shooting micro courses published in the public numbers, such as the convenience of secondary school children, such as secondary school. Being released micro class "dry ice experiment", "non Newtonian experiment", science and Technology Agency plans to periodically update a. Do public service for the weak school students pay more than millet harvest week of admission. He went to the secondary school to study once, the biggest feeling is that the students are eager to learn and knowledge seriously, he reflected in their school has enough hardware facilities, but not as hard as they do. Members of Zhou Zili in the activities of the sentiment wrote: the experimental conditions of the children are often lack of knowledge of the city’s lack of knowledge, which is the most distressed. I will continue to help secondary school, if possible, I hope that our contributions can not only be limited to the school." (reporter correspondent Zhang Deyin Qiao Lingling) concerned about the big Chu network official WeChat (micro signal: dachuwang), to give you interesting, useful information, as well as gifts sent every day. Scan the two-dimensional code below concern.相关的主题文章: