Highway 310 Ziyang Yu Yan therockfall dangerous residents fear (video) lightscape

Highway 310 Ziyang Yu Yan therockfall dangerous residents fear Health News Network (correspondent Wu Hanjiang) due to continuous rainfall, even, 310 provincial health city of Ziyang County Yu Yan, there have been falling, hope to pass through this vehicle to take necessary precautions to ensure the safety of pedestrians. Highway 310 Ziyang Yu Yan, steep terrain, the second-line Xiangfan Chongqing tunnel from the section through the lion village, resulting in rock loose and fracture. Now a stone trough in the A font hanging in the air, crumbling. Under every rainy season, cliff will continue to cover rockfall, highway 310 down. It is understood that in September 30th this year, a motorcycle is falling rock hit, causing passengers died on the spot, the owner of injured shoulder. On the other side of the river Wafangdian City villagers Hemou memories, about 5 years ago, a bread car this time, a stone smashed roof, resulting in a passenger was seriously injured. Even the day due to rain continuously, Yu Yan at any time the risk of landslides, some people talk about Yu Yan and pale, have discussed the traffic problems in private, seriously affected banana Township and township houses along the highway as well as nearly 2000 people travel to school students. The security is the only Ziyang County highway management section of the construction of 3 warning signs. Hope that the relevant government departments to take more effective safety measures to eliminate hidden dangers, protect the lives and property of the people’s safety. (Health News) Note: video only for extended reading. The truck also landslides than terrorist car was smashed into the tin rockfall相关的主题文章: