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Marriage-Wedding A wedding garter has been considered one of the staple accessories in weddings for several centuries. Although the modern wedding is not .plete without it, the use and significance have slowly changed over time. For people who know someone close that is getting married, the bridal garter is an accessory which should not be left out. Some may even believe that a bride should not walk down the aisle without this simple leg ornament. There are numerous traditions and superstitions connected to the wearing of the garter, one of which dates back to the 14th century. With the variety of tales connected to its use, it is of little wonder why it remains to be one of the more enduring traditions practiced during weddings. Several centuries back, there was a belief that owning a piece of the bride’s wedding dress would also bring the owner good luck. As a result, a number of brides would end up with ripped or ruined wedding dresses before the day was over. To stave off the superstitious crowd, the bride wore a bridal garter which would be thrown to the crowd. It is during more modern times where it became part of the wedding reception to have the groom remove the wedding garter from the bride’s leg for good luck. Determining which of the couple would throw the bridal garter varies. In some cases, the bride threw the garter towards the crowd of eligible bachelors. There are situations where it is more practical for the groom to perform this tradition. Drunk guests may try to forcefully remove the bridal garter from the bride. To protect her honor, the groom would step in to remove the garter and throw it towards the crowd. There is another old English tradition about "flinging the stocking." Guests would invade the bridal chamber to steal the bride’s wedding garter. Afterwards, they would throw it in the air, targeting the groom’s nose. The first who would make it land is said to be the next to marry. Regardless of where the tradition originated from, the belief remains that the bachelor who catches the garter would be the next lucky man to get married. Similar to this tradition is the throwing of the bouquet. Instead of throwing it amidst a sea of men, the bouquet is thrown towards the assembled group of women. Over the years, numerous styles have been developed for the leg garter. These accessories have been made to include a variety of colors. Traditionally, brides chose to wear a white bridal garter. However, in some cases, the bride may add a touch of blue onto the white ornament to fulfill the tradition of wearing "something blue" to the wedding. Some brides will choose to wear two white garters to the wedding. One is placed midway up the right thigh while the other is placed higher up. The bridal garter located closer towards the knee is the one that is thrown during the tradition. The other white wedding garter is meant to be a keepsake, to pass along to couple’s daughter when her wedding .es. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: