Homemade rice paste – warm winter morning – Sohu eat and drink win7codecs

Homemade health rice paste – the warmth of the winter morning – Sohu eat and drink all night cool. Comrade said the southern cold. There is heating in the north, while the southern winter is basically shaking. Every day struggled out of bed, at this time the most need is certainly a hot breakfast, a bowl of hot soup, a bowl of porridge, that is how satisfying. Congee? Father and son do not love to drink. Soy milk, they taste different. Well, the stomach is the key, I do a health rice paste to you, see who dislike. Now the words Soybean Milk machine really powerful, has not only played Soybean Milk, what do the rice paste, fruit juice, tea or even do is be nothing difficult. Cold days, Soybean Milk machine could have a reservation, I think I can in the warm bed to lie down for a few minutes…… Do a good job of rice is not only good digestion, and the amount is also suitable for a family of three, all for the sake of the taste of the family, I want them to eat every day to eat, eat healthy out. In the morning to call my son to get up, I have fried eggs and steak, in the warm light to take a few pictures, record the moment of our happiness…… Health rice paste materials: 12 cups of black peanut millet a few grains of about 10 grains of red dates to the nuclear broken 4 10 lotus seeds about practice: 1, these materials will be cleaned in Soybean Milk machine 2, adding an appropriate amount of water, about 3 1100ML 4, Soybean Milk rice paste machine selection function, then choose an appointment time, for example, you make an appointment for tomorrow morning at 9 in the evening 6 points that you drink, time is set for 9 hours, love hot directly at the beginning of May, and I love to drink to warm in the morning, so the taste is good, 5 sets of warm reservation well with rice paste made from beef sandwich, heat full, full of nutrition, enough to fend off the cold cold, let the family comfortably go out. Small words without an appointment directly choose rice paste function good start. In cold weather Soybean Milk machine reservation function is particularly important, what do you say to break the nuclear red dates after use, otherwise it will stick to相关的主题文章: