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Hong Xiuzhu at the end of the mainland to visit: very happy harvest a lot of Sohu news November 3rd, the peaceful development of cross-strait Forum concluded in Beijing. Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Yehua photo yesterday, the peaceful development of cross-strait forum ended, Chinese KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu 5 days of mainland visit also came to an end. At 1:55 yesterday afternoon, Hong Xiuzhu rate of the Chinese Kuomintang mainland delegation, from BeiJing Capital Airport to fly back to Taipei. The last trip before parting, Hong Xiuzhu discloses, visit the Taiwan hall, and then accepted the reporter’s interview with the media on both sides. She said that the continental trip is very pleasant, harvest a lot, then, many issues in the development of cross-strait peace, will work together with the mainland steadily. The hall is located in Beijing to visit interested in extending Dajiang Hutong hall in Taiwan, is a combination of Beijing and Taiwan architectural elements of the architectural features. Yesterday 9:40, Hong Xiuzhu and his party arrived in Taiwan hall, in the internal visit. Was founded in 1890 after the Taiwan hall, has been 120 years of history, the people of Taiwan to Beijing school, once the exam, business restingplace, China is only one hall in Taiwan, 2010 to repair after the opening, there is also the former chairman of the Kuomintang has ushered in the war and other people visiting Taiwan. The staff, the Taiwan hall is divided into Beijing and Taiwan exchange exhibition area, VIP reception area, exhibition area and multifunctional folk culture experience area, to fully reproduce the history of Taiwanese people in Beijing, Taiwan folk culture show. Since this is the first time to Taiwan hall, Hong Xiuzhu was interested in the original plan, visiting time is 20 minutes, but 40 minutes later, she still visits in the clubhouse. Taiwan hall is an important carrier of Beijing and Taiwan exchanges, through the hall to visit, to fully strengthen the Hong Xiuzhu for emotional understanding of Beijing, for the trip, with a strong indicator of the station’s choice." Analysis of Taiwan Research Institute of Beijing Union University professor Zhu Songling, each station Hong Xiuzhu line of the mainland are very compact in Taiwan before the last stop in Taiwan hall, fully explain and look forward to her attention for Beijing and Taiwan interaction and common development of the two sides of the vision. "A lot of things are not done overnight" after the end of the visit, Hong Xiuzhu walked out of the hall door, interviewed by the media on both sides. Coming back to Taiwan, what do you want to say to the mainland compatriots? In the face of the Beijing News reporter’s question, Hong Xiuzhu smiled and nodded, thank you very much for your warm greetings, this trip is very happy, harvest a lot, the future there are a lot of things we can do together." Hong Xiuzhu said that the positioning of this line of the mainland is "journey of peace", "between the two sides of the atmosphere must re breakthrough, this is certainly the Kuomintang, is duty bound. This visit will help promote the development of peace and stability in the two sides of the Taiwan strait." She said, very pleased with the continental visit results, "a good atmosphere, good communication." But she also said that a lot of things are not done overnight, then the two sides also need to continue to communicate real相关的主题文章: