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Hongkong offshore RMB liquidity tightening continued overnight interest rates rose 500 points, hot column capital flows thousands of thousand comment stocks diagnosis the latest rating simulated trading client Sina Taiwan Fund exposure: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! FX168 financial newspaper (Hongkong) – the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, Hongkong RMB continued tightening of liquidity, according to Financial Markets Association on Wednesday (September 14th) the latest data show that Hongkong RMB overnight interbank interest rates rose 532 basis points, to 8.1617 per cent this year is the highest since February 19th; a week of RMB interbank rate rose 523 basis points to 10.152 per cent. German commercial bank said the soaring cost of offshore renminbi financing shows that China’s central bank to increase the cost of shorting the yuan in order to reduce the pressure of devaluation. In addition, the bank in the onshore market to increase the transaction costs of the bond market leverage, but also on the spillover effects of offshore RMB liquidity. Hongkong Financial Bureau released the latest Hongkong, July RMB deposits fell below 700 billion Peng, decreased by 6.2% to 667 billion 100 million yuan. In addition, due to the 3 day of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday on Thursday (September 15th), the market worries short positions slightly tight, leading to the Hong Kong Interbank pulled high, makes a number of banks in Hongkong last week raised the RMB deposit interest rate. Among them, the Wing Lung Bank on Friday (September 9th) announced, up 1 to 12 months the RMB deposit rate, a period of 12 months to 3.2 per cent deposit of HK $100 thousand; CCB Asia also raised RMB 3 to 12 month deposit rate of about 10 points, a period of 12 months to 3.1 per cent, the minimum threshold of $100 thousand to 1 years; Fubon deposit interest rate increase 0.4 per cent, the latest preferential interest rate raised to 3.4 per cent in the same period; such as, beyond the Shanghai commercial bank 3.2% per cent for the whole of Hongkong 1 year RMB deposit interest rate in the highest. Proofreading: TIER into the [Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: