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Hongkong third quarter export index edged up TDC: in the short term is still a sense of the news agency of the new network in Hongkong in September 14, pessimistic – (reporter Ceng Ping) Hongkong Trade Development Council (TDC) 14 announced third quarter export index, by the 37.2 quarter edged up to 38.8, below the 50 line ups and downs. The Commissioner for trade, close to the point, said the data show that exporters’ confidence has clearly stabilized, but remains pessimistic about short-term export performance. By industry, the third quarter export index to rebound the largest watches and jewelry jewelry industry, export index by the second quarter of 21.6 rebounded sharply to 41.3, the watch industry rose up from 33.8 to 43, the electronics industry also increased from 37.4 to 39.3. On the other hand, clothing, machinery and toy industry exports index fell last quarter. HKTDC global markets chief economist Pan Yongcai think, jewelry and watches the industry index rose shows consumers have little rebound in demand for luxury goods, the exporter confidence is slightly stabilized, and the market a variety of new mobile phone listed electronic industry export stimulation. At the same time, the exporter confidence in major markets with roughly unchanged. Japan’s export index edged down 0.5 to 46.9, but still 4 major markets among the highest, followed by the United States and the European Union Chinese mainland, fell from 44.3 to 42.4, the main market for the lowest. Pan Yongcai believes that Britain has little effect on the European exporters to Hongkong. He cited a study that nearly 83% of Hongkong’s exporters believe that the UK has no impact on their sales performance, while the remaining 17% of respondents said they felt a slight negative impact. More than half of the affected exporters plan to respond to this, including the development of new markets, reduce size and reduce product grade. Pan Yongcai said that Britain is not the main reason for the decline in the EU’s export index, the high unemployment rate in Europe, and debt problems, the European economy itself is still weak. Talk about the long-term effects of a British exit to Hongkong to see Pan Yongcai, the British from Europe after the arrangement of specific measures, it may need to strengthen the British and Asian business relations, Hongkong will open the mainland market as the British China springboard, may increase the opportunities for cooperation. (end)相关的主题文章: