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How can we keep the milk powder in the refrigerator after the opening? Especially for families with newborn babies, almost all use milk to feed their children. However, once the milk after opening, due to improper preservation, it is easy to damp or deterioration, if it continues to give the baby to eat, the consequences will be unbearable to contemplate, so it is important to save right after opening the milk. In order to avoid the contaminated milk powder and milk first metamorphism, do not be stored in high or high temperature, moisture, do not store in the refrigerator. This is the temperature and humidity difference between inside and outside the refrigerator, take place repeatedly, it is easy to cause the baby milk powder, deliquescence caking and metamorphism. After the opening of the milk powder, generally stored at room temperature, light, dry, cool place can be. For the convenience of access, after opening the bags of milk powder, milk powder can best stored in clean cotton towel, milk cans before use clean and dry cleaning, do not use washing; in each use, be sure to cover tightly with plastic cover canned milk powder, milk powder bags to tie the bag. After the use of milk powder to follow the provisions of the use of time, most of the baby milk powder packaging are clearly defined, milk powder after the end of a month to run out. More than January, should be discarded without. It is worth recalling that the shelf life of infant formula packaging is the date of the unopened and the appropriate preservation conditions. Once opened, you cannot use this date. In addition, the bubble good milk powder in the case of not eating, room temperature can not be stored for more than two hours.相关的主题文章: