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Positive-Attitude The ‘Law Of Attraction’ is at the very corner stone of positive thinking. It is one of the main reasons why positive thinking works so well. In a nutshell it can be explained as: "You are what you think. You attract what you think; your life is a product of your thought and belief; nothing in the world can change this fact. To alter your life the only course open to you is to alter your thinking." As described by U.S Anderson author of ‘Three Magic Words’. What he is saying is that whatever thoughts you hold in your mind persistently will eventually appear in your physical world. Why is that then? Well, that is a good question and there are a few different theories, but it is THE law and always works so you might as well use it, whether you understand why it works or not. Think about your own life now. What thoughts do you consistently hold in your mind and think about regularly. Do any of these ring a bell? ‘I hate my job. It’s too stressful and it tires me out’ ‘I think I’m .ing down with a cold.’ ‘I never have any spare money to me treat my friends and family with’. I hope it is obvious to see that thoughts like those will inevitably attract the same negative situations into your life. For surely, if you hate your job then you will never be able to see the positive opportunities that it may offer you. If you are so firm in the belief that nothing good could ever .e of your job then you are blinded to the potentially positive opportunities it may be offering you and only open to the negative possibilities. These negative thoughts hold so many people locked in to certain situations and lifestyles. People think they can never escape them…. so they never do. How can we turn this around? Well, take a few moments just to sit and observe your thoughts. Do you create them? No, I don’t think so, but you certainly do have them. Do you decide what thoughts .e in to your mind? Again I don’t think so, they are more like a constant stream that continuously flows through your mind. We seem to simply latch on to and dwell on the thoughts that we choose. So what thoughts do you think we should dwell on. The good thoughts or the bad/negative ones. Obviously the good/positive ones. If a negative thought .es in to your mind consciously let it go and replace it with a positive one, if another .es do the same. You will be amazed at how this one simple technique can improve your life as you will no longer be allowing negative thoughts to influence you. Consciously decide here and now that you are in charge of your thoughts, that you decide what thoughts you dwell on, not any other influence…not your friends, colleagues at work or who-ever….you are now in charge of your thoughts and your life! And guess what…thoughts attract similar thoughts. So if you are thinking positively about something then another positive thought will usually follow. Once you start consciously deciding to think positively then it will be.e a habit and a pattern. You will constantly and automatically start choosing the positive thoughts. It will be.e a natural thing for you to do. This is how some people always seem optimistic. Once you have gotten into this positive thinking cycle then those thoughts inevitably attract the positive reality into your physical world. Here are a few pointers to bear in mind: You have to constantly think certain thoughts for them to manifest in your life, they don’t always happen straight-away. Some do, some don’t it depends what they are. You must also think the positive thought as though you are certain that it has already happened with .plete faith. Through holding these positive thoughts in your mind sooner or later they will be.e real in your life. Finally remember: YOU are in charge of your thoughts nobody else! So use the Power Of Positive Thinking and the ‘Law Of Attraction’ starting from today. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: