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Public-Speaking Remember, you are not in the speaking business, you are in the business of marketing your speaker services! Speaking is just like any other type of business. It is a business with two sides. There is the speaking part and there is the marketing part. With the right speaker-marketing education, you will find many public speaking job opportunities opening up for yourself. Public speaking jobs are within your grasp! First, you must remember that you are in a business! No kidding! But youd be shocked at the number of people I see who run their speaking careers as a hobby, and not as a business. You must run your speaking career just like you would run a clothing store, a restaurant, a real estate business, or any other company. If youve ever seen a speaker onstage who you thought was an absolutely terrible speaker Ive got news for you: That person was a better businessperson than you, because they were able to get the job and you werent. You can be the greatest speaker in the world, but if you dont have the marketing skills to get you in front of the people who will pay you to speak, you are going to be broke. Delivering a powerful speech is really not a difficult task. Many speaking coaches are out there claiming that you must have proper speaking mechanics. They say you must use proper, exaggerated gestures, that you must walk in a V shape whatever. I say you just have to get up there and say things from the heart that will help people. If you have a message that will help people, you are 90% done with creating your speech. The next step is to market yourself so that you can get in front of audiences and actually deliver the message! To do this, you must discover the marketing materials that will get you booked. You must discover how to develop a list of prospects that you can mail to. You must discover how to extract as much revenue from each event that you possibly can. You must discover how to print your books for cents and sell them for $10 to $50 dollars each. Once you combine your business skills with the content of a great speech, youll be helping a lot of people and making a great income while youre at it. So, to create a lucrative public speaking career, simply commit yourself to learning the marketing skills that will get you on the stages where you can deliver your message to change peoples lives. **Attn Ezine editors/Site owners** Feel free to reprint this article in its entirety in your ezine or on your site as long as you leave all links in place. You may not modify the content and must include our resource box as listed above. You may sign up as an affiliate at and insert your affiliate links. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: