How to drink a cup of wine winpm

How to drink a cup of wine? Lead: in the tasting, holding a cup is an important details. It can reflect your personal accomplishment degree to a certain extent, will have an impact on the tasting experience. So, how to hold a cup of wine? (source: red wine world network) concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! In the tasting, holding a cup of seemingly not worth mentioning details. In fact, it is not only a reflection of your personal accomplishment, will have an impact on the tasting experience. So, when drinking different wine, how should the cup? 1, Martini (Martini) Martini Cocktail drinking with cocktail glass has an elongated handle, the cup handle above the triangular or trapezoidal, you only need to hold the cup foot can be. Because most of the cocktail will be ice, so the cup holders can avoid the influence of temperature in flavor. 2, wine and drinking cocktails similar to the wine should be held in the cup handle, the handle placed in the thumb, index finger and middle finger, the other fingers naturally placed. This is also to prevent the palm of the temperature affect the flavor of wine. 3, brandy (Brandy) is usually suitable for drinking brandy. So, when you’re drinking brandy, wrap your hands up and down the cup. In this way, the hands of the temperature can be transferred to the cup of brandy, warm wine liquid, so that the aroma is better distributed. Source: RELISH (text Shirley)相关的主题文章: