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How to drink the first cup of water every morning! Sohu maternal baby skin water is always wet, because the baby body water content reached 80%! But since the baby’s The new supersedes the old. relatively strong, relatively speaking, to the amount of water is higher than the adult, and the younger the child needs more water, so the mother must do baby replenishment of work, especially in dry the weather every day, the first cup of water is very exquisite. The baby is very important to the body in the morning after getting up in the morning, fasting drink a glass of water is a lot of health experts are highly respected healthy lifestyle. Originally, the first cup of water in the morning is also vital to the baby’s body. Timely replenishment. At night, the body will consume large amounts of water through the urine, skin, respiratory, after waking up in a dry state, especially children than adults to water The new supersedes the old. faster, greater demand, but the early morning drink can effectively replenish water loss. Regulate gastrointestinal, prevent constipation. After a night in the morning after the human body metabolism, gastrointestinal emptying, then drink plenty of water can dilute the gastric juice, keep it better, but also can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, reduce constipation baby fall. The brain awake refreshed. The first glass of water in the morning to increase the baby’s blood volume, promote blood circulation, so that the baby’s brain to restore a state of consciousness. The children of different ages have different content in the morning a cup of water to drink, the children of different ages on the water demand is not the same Oh! Usually we can calculate the daily water demand according to age and weight, while the replenishment amount is equal to the baby’s daily water demand minus the amount of breast-feeding. The smaller the age of the baby, the more water, the more water. Reminder: as long as the baby’s urine yellow or colorless he hydrated. Do not allow children to drink and feed juice or beverage, once drank too much sugar water is easy to cause the baby tooth decay! In addition, dry autumn, or a large amount of activity, baby sweat more, the mother may be appropriate to increase the amount of water. Baby one day to drink the first cup, drink what water it is suggested that the first morning cup of salt water to drink honey water. In fact, a cup of boiled water is enough. Boiled water is the least water. The process of metabolism in the body, white boiling water can supplement moisture to the cells, reduce blood viscosity, is conducive to the discharge of urine. In addition, the water can not be digested by the body to absorb, so that the blood quickly diluted, promote blood circulation, so that people wake up faster. How many degrees, the morning to drink water, drink at room temperature the best cold drink boiling water, boiling water temperature, which can reduce the baby’s gastrointestinal stimulation. Studies have shown that when the water temperature in the 25° about, the water molecules and the human body cell affinity is the best, the strongest cell water absorption capacity. So in the morning to drink a cup of warm water is the best choice for children. How much it is for adults to drink 150-200 ml in the morning is a more appropriate amount of water. For the baby, usually 3 years old baby every time相关的主题文章: