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Huairou qiuyinong drunk beauty picture – Sohu and tourism to Manshan popular, cenglinjinran when. Huairou scenic area is the color of the sea, subtle yellow, warm red, deep green, colorful. Huairou mountains and rivers, have rich "Yanqi Basin, water color, Qinglong phantom, Baiquan confluence, Yougushentan ridge, sea of clouds wonders, birch, Baihe wetland, the photo charm" and other famous landscape. The Mutianyu Great Wall tourist area of colorful leaves against the magnificent the Great Wall, is expected to 10 months late the Mutianyu Great Wall leaves will reach the best viewing period, the scenic area will host the red leaf Festival, allowing visitors to enjoy the dreamy the Great Wall "Maple" situation. The Mutianyu Great Wall building has a unique style, where dilou intensive, pass it on both sides of the city crenels, especially is related to Taiwan and three watchtowers. The famous the Great Wall landscape, Nock niujiaobian, Ying Fei Yang is located in the western end of the Mutianyu Great Wall. The Mutianyu Great Wall mountain peaks, the vegetation coverage rate reached more than 90%. Former British Prime Minister Major, former U.S. President Clinton and other foreign heads of state have to tour mutianyu. The fall of Yanqi bright, gold mountain is the best scenic spots along the trail walk for half an hour can be arrived at the peak, then rolling the the Great Wall and Hongluo mountain and that a riot of colours over the rich cultural atmosphere of the Chinese all kinds of architecture and landscape architecture of Yanqi island can have a panoramic view! The name of Yanqi lake, from habitat here flocks of geese, birds and other migratory birds; and the 2014 APEC conference successfully held here, the famous Yanqi lake. "The Hongluo Temple, Han bamboo green purple. The old song Tibetan temple, the new king of plastic display. School of Zen temple Yu Huang Cui Usnea, ginkgo. Gao Qiu, as far as the eye, read Putuo township." "Hongluo Temple" in the name of the mountain because of the Pearl Spring in a red snail, hence the name. Hongluo Temple sits, it Beiyi Hongluo mountain, South as redscrew lake, 1mountain built, precise layout, magnificent momentum, surrounded by water and mountains, lush trees, towering old trees, forming a "blue Tibetan temple", the beautiful picture. The Hongluo Temple scenic area of Hongluo mountain frost on the leaf Liudan, sumac, fire moment, five maple, oak, persimmon, and other shows, Koelreuteria paniculata, ginkgo foliage species gradually completed from a single green to change gorgeous colorful, along the scenic four different climbing line a million meters of hiking trails in the mountains, far have wit; provide a good place for Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum Exhibition free and open for visitors, "Guanju foliage" has become a highlight of tourism in Hongluo Temple. Beijing North " 1 major " called Huairou redscrew temple, the famous landscape three " ", one of them must be before the main hall of the Tang Dynasty. According to legend, male and female two trees very strange the two ginkgo, the male female plant flowering, flowering in the Qing Dynasty temple monks no fruit. There is a poem: " redscrew Temple Two ginkgo, dioecious things. West male flowers, female figs Dong Feng ". In fact, the male plant is not the result of flowering.相关的主题文章: