Hubei prosecutors filed a civil public interest litigation against environmental pollution case-tinyos

Hubei prosecutors filed a new September new network in the civil public interest litigation in 23, according to the Supreme People’s Procuratorate website news, September 22, 2016 to environmental pollution case, Hubei Provincial People’s Procuratorate of Hubei province Xiantao Hanjiang Branch red hair Zuishan waste recycling Salesroom environmental pollution case, the civil public interest litigation to the Hubei intermediate people’s Court of Hanjiang river. Xiantao red hair Zuishan waste recycling outlets (hereinafter referred to as the Red Mountain City Department) in 2013 to 2015 years, in the absence of handling hazardous waste operating license, not the construction of sewage treatment facilities under the condition of operation of recycling of waste battery business, and the use of seepage pits collect electrolyte. Acidic electrolyte containing heavy metal lead untreated, into the soil through the drainage pipe in the pits and pits and into a nearby ditch, causing serious pollution to the surrounding environment. In July 1, 2015, the Hubei provincial Environmental Monitoring Corps law enforcement officers to check in the mountain city of Red Gate, waste pits, drain at the on-site sampling. The pH value of the sample was acidic, and the content of heavy metal lead was monitored by Hubei environmental monitoring center station. The same month, the Xiantao Environmental Protection Bureau has on the Red Mountain City Department to make corrections illegal decision and the decision of administrative punishment, and transferred the case to the public security organs. In December 10, 2015, the Xiantao people’s court sentenced Ding Shanhong to the crime of environmental pollution. Red Hill shops were the law enforcement department in its illegal behavior, stop the illegal production, but the pollution has not taken any measures of remediation. Hubei Provincial People’s Procuratorate of Hanjiang Branch after filing, commissioned by the Hubei provincial Environmental Science Research Institute of detection and evaluation of Red Mountain City Department of the environmental damage caused by illegal sewage. In August 19, 2016, the Hubei Provincial Academy of Environmental Sciences issued a sampling inspection report, test results showed that the red mountain Salesroom outfall soil lead leaching concentration of 7.98mg is L, the leaching toxicity of hazardous waste has characteristics of the drainage part of soil leaching solution pH value is less than 2, which belongs to the corrosive hazardous waste. Contaminated land has not yet been repaired, the interests of the public interest is still being sustained. Hubei Province, Xiantao people’s Procuratorate found the case clues in the performance of the prosecution duties, according to the provisions of the jurisdiction, transferred to the Hubei Provincial People’s Procuratorate review branch of Hanjiang river. Hubei Provincial People’s Procuratorate branch of Hanjiang River after fulfilling the pre-trial procedure, not within the jurisdiction of the subject litigation. Then according to the "PRC Civil Procedure Law" article fifty-fifth, "Standing Committee of National People’s Congress on Authorizing the Supreme People’s Procuratorate in some areas to carry out the pilot work of the public interest litigation decision", "people’s Procuratorate filed public interest litigation in the implementation of the pilot measures" of the relevant provisions, in the case of Hubei province to the intermediate people’s Court of civil public interest litigation.相关的主题文章: