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I personally demonstrate: how to make a good tea? Sohu should be a friend of tea and tea on the request of the production process of tea with a personal experience for everyone to introduce some of the friends interested in the hope of help. Qingming, jade exhibition Yachu picking fresh leaves: shoot the index finger and thumb of the right hand grip bud tip or 1, 2 leaves, carefully pinch down. With a bud two leaves to three leaves is better, the national standard of fresh leaves is (a bud and 2 leaves and a bud at the beginning of the first 2 leaves to seven to become a grade). If the tea trees also need to work, there is a certain danger, there are certain skills and non experience not picking tea. Static stand airing: the tea will be diluted to promote water evaporation, reduced to about forty percent of the original weight. There are some aroma substances formed in the drying process, some macromolecular ester soluble sugar hydrolyzed into small molecular soluble sugar. Fixing: general pot temperature of 200 degrees in the leaf in the wok, time 5 minutes. Fixing method is combined with multi throw throw stuffy, less stuffy, part of a rapid passivation enzyme activity. The part of water evaporation, for rolling strips. Rolling: Dayezhong fresh leaves, the use of cold tea kneading, broken cells, ensure the tea in the brewing fully leaching. Rolling to flexibly according to the old material and tender leaves Qingrou, short leaf weight; old rub, long. Master knead into the basic into appropriate. Sun: placed in the sun to dry, sun affected by the weather. The aroma not dry, but the unique taste, sweet and strong. The sun dried green tea water at ten percent or so. (raw tea is now complete) will pick up tick clean tea powder weighing steamed soft cotton bag after kneading well into the mold pressing setting. Kneading and pressing the pressing cake on the wooden unpack and good ventilation to dry naturally or into the heating chamber drying. Unpack the dry tea cake drying through put and packaging is finished. Green tea flavor is the new year for packaging of Pu’er green cake, most people feel taste slightly jerky, generally in a good environment for more than a year, will greatly improve the taste and aroma. If it is a Pu’er tea for about 50 days of fermentation can be based on students loose tea on the process and similar green cake. Finally, a process flow diagram for reference. If you have more tea brewing and drinking preservation, shopping and so need advice, please add the South Beauty Tea tea room, a tea taster red to personal micro number: dydy280 (long press copy) the exchange of learning. In this paper, by means of tea net reprint, author: Yue feng. Concerned about the number of love to say tea: aishuocha (long press copy) of tea, you can know here. Click on the lower right corner [subscribe] free access to more information and knowledge of tea. [past] "featured article recommended six kinds who more stimulation? What kind of tea do you fit in? "" minority "tea" was unique to Yunnan, have you tried? "Everyone’s tea is different, you"相关的主题文章: