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In an interview with the "she" Dongyu Zhou: I like to quiet the true nature of [Abstract] careless Dongyu Zhou still go straight, such as "July" star, she has yet to see the original novel; she was like the movie "quiet, outspoken, yearning for the freedom. Interview "in July and she" starring Dongyu Zhou: I really like a Tencent entertainment interview with Dongyu Zhou Anson (interview with Tencent entertainment Zhuangao Li Xiaoli Wen beside Qin Fuqiang camera photography Xue Jianyu) "in July and she" today released in the country, according to the Ministry of the Qing Shan (baby Anne) a novel of the same name works on the "peace" and "July" two girls from the age of 13 years of acquaintance, the fetters of growth story. Dongyu Zhou’s rebellious "she", she said to see the script, your intuition is "I want to play in peace", "character at that time I and the movie still almost, yearning for freedom." With the film in the intimacy of the two girls, Dongyu Zhou and Ma Sichun’s cooperation is also very happy, "with her acting very happy," now see no good words, are mutual harm, mutual damage." After 6 years, Dongyu Zhou has been used on a network of good and bad comments, also used to be marked with various labels "they said Yi Long quite high, you are too short, only when the" flower "this year I was 24 years old, there is a long way to go". In the movie she is a frank, free girl I like quiet with the true nature of freedom: outspoken Tencent Entertainment: "in July and she" the novel is more than a decade ago to write, then everyone will accept this July good image, we may be a little higher acceptance of ANN students now, what time do you play this character? Dongyu Zhou: in fact, we every day, not to mention every second, about every day of our thoughts, we accept new things in the rapid advance, the rapid change. So I just use a period of time that I feel, is the period of time was about. You want me to play now. I’ll show you another feeling. I was in that state, when the mind me down over a period of quiet life. Tencent Entertainment: you understand what she is like? Dongyu Zhou: I understand why she would be so quiet, forceful, and bold, bold, one is because of her personality, and a child to her parents care enough, she is a very poor child. Then, when I was a child, I said that when she was a child, she would have been an exaggerated performance for the attention. And her loved ones all year round to her love is not enough, she may have a very hard protective shell on the outside, is to scare others. We then unconsciously frighten others, and a forceful, become true temperament, true character, into a natural habit. Tencent Entertainment: you said before peace is with you in a way like, do you think she is like you where? Dongyu Zhou: in fact, in July, I also quite like, people always want to find the same role in the role, often when I look at a script, sometimes I want to play the male one, but in the end I was a woman!相关的主题文章: