In the desert Crazy Rabbit analytical rally car – Sohu Honda fit Car rainism

In the desert Crazy Rabbit analytical rally car – Sohu Honda fit car Sohu [car races] dry empty desert, in addition to tiny spots of several strains of camel grass, almost without any signs of life, suddenly! On the horizon, there was a little black spot, like a comet, with its long tail, and a few seconds later it came to me in a clear outline. The original is a Honda fit, marked HNRT front is very conspicuous, the car suddenly disappeared from my sight, leaving only the sand all over the sky. This is a picture of the recent rally in the Gansu Zhangye rally, but left a deep impression on me. This car flying so fast! How the hell did it change? Who is the driver? Hold a series of questions, I came to the HNRT team (Hunan Rally Team) camp. To understand the car knows, Honda in the field match field of glory, and even some folk small game has outstanding record from WTCC to the CTCC, but Honda car rally in the field it has very high popularity. Today introduced the HNRT Hunan Rally Team fit (GK5) is one of the representative rally. This is a modified CRCcar S4 Group car according to the rules of the Chinese motor sports federation. While the driver is the famous Hunan rally driver Lei Hailin, in addition to his Hunan Rally Team and a pair of beautiful driver, Jin Ruihe, and so on, and so on. Looking back 20 years ago, Hong Kong rally game with only one national nature of the team — 555 China team, 20 years later the domestic fleet has reached a dozen, 20 years ago in Hongkong and Taiwan with the mainland people playing force, now the domestic team from the technology to equipment has been have your WRC team strength. However, the concern in today’s CRC arena is not only those who have big manufacturers background team, more worthy of encouragement and concern is that the club team, they occupy a large proportion in this area, they like to support Pyramid’s cornerstone. Although racing is a sport commercialization is very strong, but need more enthusiasm and dreams, we hope to see more like the Hunan Rally Team club team, in the test of competition in the continuous running progress, constantly refresh results, although their performance in the race and not so bright eye-catching. But they are the backbone of this movement, they represent the future of Chinese racing.相关的主题文章: