Internet Co Mid Autumn Festival is getting deeper and deeper…… tokyo hot n0476

Internet Co Mid Autumn Festival is getting deeper and deeper…… Sina Technology   Wang Xiaolu to the mid autumn festival! Every holiday hair and welfare! Internet Co small partners began to show superiority! What’s new in this year? Which welfare is the most spicy eye? Hair moon cake actually have routines? Look over! One: we are not a simple moon cake box we are not simple moon cake box, we still light…… Baidu home made this year’s moon cake and bear children like Baidu to go cute wind. Round children printed with small round iron. Bright moon cake box can also be used as a table lamp. We are not a simple moon cake box, we are the organ box. This is China wind drops away, visual than the moon moon cake box worth (why small concerns in the box…… The design is mainly based on the mask, but it is the color of the blue and white porcelain. The whole looks very fresh. If you eat the moon cake and throw the box away, you will lose a nice dish! This plate is hidden deep, is the ancient "organs" routine. The plate is hidden in the bottom of the box and the whole box. People who do not know, absolutely can not find. This routine at all unheard of moon cake box hidden under plates. By the way, the box and sex. The moon cake box of Jingdong, can be repeatedly used small tin. Packaging is a canvas bag, so eat moon cake box, not throw ah. Two routines: the moon cake is not what, the egg is big fun staging not only to the staff and parents to send moon cakes, it is warm. At the same time they have a draw to draw seven eggs, cakes of employees, the company will reimburse from the domicile of the ticket! Mid Autumn Festival reunion! This egg is enough to poke heart! This year is the 18 anniversary of the Tencent, their welfare to colour eggs is a small books, this book introduces the development history of the Tencent, that goose factory staff open the picture, are all touched, after all this 18 years Tencent experienced wind and rain, only goose factory employees feel most. The main function of colour (but that famous secret garden is the decompression, so Tencent also made the graffiti…… Routine three: Send a box of moon cakes? Oh not every company get together to send moon cakes well, Internet Co also issued gift cards well, video Sohu sent 100 yuan card Jingdong…… Send a box of moon cakes? Can you finish? Not waste it! Pleasant loans to each employee has made a patch moon cake…… Routine four: quietly send a moon cake is not good? These companies, inherited the fine tradition, quietly sent a high Yan value moon cake, we do not have routines, is the highest deep routines." Millet honey bud shop ants ants gold suit NetEase five: grab moon cake need to be cautious, or you have to force home paralyzed…… In the Mid Autumn Festival this year, Ali staged dumbfounding "moon cakes" incident. Grab a moon cake, the work was robbed, the whole process took only two hours, was not!相关的主题文章: