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IPhone supports dual card is no longer a dream the patent application has been Apple’s iPhone every year selling quite hot, but there are still some people who refused to drift, most of which reason is that iPhone does not support dual card. However, it is clear that this issue has attracted the attention of apple, in order to attract users, apple decided to let the future of iPhone support dual sim dual standby. At present, Apple has been in the State Intellectual Property Office for two patents related to dual sim card, these two patents were double SIM network selection technology "and" technology to reduce the power consumption for "double SIM equipment, submitted at the beginning of this year, once approved it means that in the future the iPhone will support dual card dual stay. In addition, Apple may also have submitted a patent for the launch and production of dual sim dual standby iPhone ready, I do not know next year’s iPhone 8 will have this historic change? Of course, the price of Apple’s iPhone is also a threshold to buy, wait until the support of the dual card iPhone came out, but because the user is too expensive to buy the price, then it is embarrassing.相关的主题文章: