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IPhone7 sales to HUAWEI OPPO millet scared! Sohu, science and technology Texun November 12th news: according to the latest data show that Apple’s new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus sales in the United States, Britain and other places by leaps and bounds, listed in September has become the most popular intelligent mobile phone. According to statistics, these two new products accounted for 17.1% of the total sales of Apple’s mobile phone sales, due to so hot, iOS system share in the United States has increased to 34.2%. As for the UK, sales of the first iPhone 7 to help apple iOS 10 market share increased to $40.6%. In addition, market research firm Strategy Analytics data show that Apple has exceeded Samsung in the third quarter, became the first U.S. sales of mobile phone brands, the market share of up to 33.1%. Apple also had to thank Samsung Note7 explosion. Although the iPhone 7 has been listed in the domestic sales volume is very smooth, but from today eleven report, consumers still love to buy iPhone 7, although it is better than currently available on the most expensive domestic mobile phone Android. The rice with the low price of red rice has become the champion of the number of sales, while Apple ranked fourth is also a good result. In Jingdong, consumers are keen to buy hot apple iPhone, the cumulative sales of apple or the first. For the current domestic sales is not good, apple is also actively doing adjustments, the price range and speed is the fastest ever, so domestic brands need to continue efforts. [source: Tencent] [] commissioning editor: Dong Jingsheng相关的主题文章: