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Friends when we talk about astrology, we mess up in rajyogas, duryogas, auspicious incidents, inauspicious happenings and so on. I don’t think we ever proceed to search out ‘seriously’ beyond that. Then .es out the most controversial and debated subject what we call ‘free will’. If everything has been pre-destined, what the hell we are striving for? Is there any devil writing our fates all the time and having fun? A big No, all the saints say that nobody else, but we alone are responsible for our plight. Vivekananda says "Stand upon your feet and take the responsibility of your present prevailing circumstances instead of being a coward escapist passing all the blames upon Almighty." Our Seers were not mere astrologers or fortune tellers, but they were inventors. Without the help of any external aid they located so much just by going deep inside. They located the laws of nature and their influence upon human beings. If we just make a go with different yogas, then astrology seems to be mere fatalism unable to extend any aid to .e out of the vicious circle what we term as destiny. In this case astrology seems to have lost its ground. The predestination of fate leaves astrology meaningless. Simply because the past has already passed, the present has been decided and the future has already been written. I started astrology in the year 1998. Till the end of 2003 I was an incurable fatalist. During these 5 years I read almost all the literature of Vivekananda and Yogananda, the famous kriya yogi who left his human body in the year 1950. In those books I read a lot about the so called free will of human beings but with little conviction. Since as an Astrologer I was witnessing almost regularly that destiny couldnt be altered. But the last two years changed my whole perception. I understood well what those great saints meant to say. When they talked about the free will, they were not concerned merely about the human body made of five tatvas of Nature namely water, air, earth, fire and ether. In all actuality they were talking about the free will of the spirit, which inhabits one and all. The body and mind are bounded in the Nature’s laws, and therefore, enjoy very little freedom. When you go by the .mands of mind, you gradually nullify yourself by being the slave of senses. And this blindfolded slavery binds you in lot of karmas and you find yourself stuck at the same point without moving a step further. However, as soon as you realize it, you start listening to the voice of your conscience. And this makes you free from the bondage of karmas gradually. The caliber of hearing the voice of the spirit makes you the detached observer. When you be.e witness of all of your deeds, only then you can uproot the roots of your karmas; only then you can realize that you were always free but this so-called slavery of senses entangled you in the web of karmas. Since you were the doer so only you can be the rescuer; nobody else. Now I will give you one case history of mine to let you appreciate the true and practical example of all the things whatever I have narrated supra. Before the beginning of my case history, you must take note of some important things. Only then you will be able to understand the case in its full soul and spirit. First of all, always remember that there are two phases of our human journey on this earth. One is called descending journey and other is termed as ascending journey. In the first phase we alienate ourselves .pletely from the God and run blindly to fulfill our desires like the story of Adam and Eve. In the second phase we realize our faults when we go through seemingly unending suffering and start calling God. In astrology the houses 1st to 7th are indicative of our descending journey. On the other hand, houses from 7th to 12th indicate our ascending journey. The houses from 1st to 7th are considered to be of dark-half and 8th to 12th houses are of bright half. Symbolically it is clear that first half of the horoscope is indicative of our descending journey when we be.e God to man. The other half of the horoscope tells about ascending journey when we cover up our journey from man to God. The persons belonging to 1st phase are devoid of any will to mend their ways since they are happy in their environment. God has no importance for them. Their wrong ways are paying them well without any noticeable retribution at all. But the persons belong to the 2nd phase want to know the meaning of life because they have been suffering a lot, simply because as soon as they cross the first phase their trauma begins. This second phase is called the phase of improvement. Now the God wants you to .e back to your natural abode since you have had enough now. That is why Vedas say there is no suffering; only happiness is everywhere, since this suffering leads us to endless happiness. It is just like the frog living in a well being transferred to the big ocean. So, suffering is for good of the being only. Now learn something about the less talked astrological sides. We have three gunas in Nature, which are Satva (spiritual qualities), Rajas (materialism) and Tamas (negativity). Since planets are also the integral part of God’s creation, they too imbibe these peculiarities to their credit. Difference is generally felt on their lordship and interaction with other planets. For example a malefic planet contains in itself more tamas (negativity) in .parison with other planets of the horoscope. The negativity of a malefic planet .es out initially at the subtle level, and then this goes down to project the gross or you say physical level as well. For example malefic Mars of eighth house in the seventh house first of all make you sexually adventurous person then it will destroy your public reputation, married life, profession and monetary condition also since it is relating with all the houses concerning these matters. Many a time you may think that you are giving out your best to your wife and profession still you are proving to be a big failure. Once you decide to control this subtle negative energy of Mars you notice that the scenario of your married life is changing. Career-wise you are improving. Money is .ing more easily and losses are going towards backyard. And last but not the least, one should never forget that horoscope is not written by anyone. It is you who wrote it. It is you who left some space to move some steps. It is you who blocked the way .pletely. There is no pre-decided fortune or misfortune. You created it all and only you can improve it. Of course when you decide to alter your path, God arranges someone to extend his helping hand to guide. You can call it Guru, teacher or preceptor in whatever words you want to define it. So, now Adam has had enough after eating the ‘Apple’ of desires and now he has to go back to his real abode with her better half, the Eve. Here is a case history. A young boy aged around 32 came to me one and half-year back. He was professionally a qualified Pilot without any career at all. His wife left him in lurch. His wife was like a terror for his whole family. She did everything to spoil his life and domestic peace, which is quite unimaginable for a .mon mind. And see the Maya, the boy was blindly attached to his wife in spite of her all atrocities. He could not even imagine leaving her. And she was ready to destroy his entire family. He was taken out of his parental home. Since parents were fed up with his wife. So, he was living at some relative’s house since six months. One day his wife also left him. And he became like the man without breathing at all. After talking to him I understood well that the boy belonged to the second phase of his journey. I concentrated upon his horoscope and saw Saturn was aspecting his second house of speech, family, wealth and social status from the twelfth house of loss. Saturn as the lord of the eighth house was the Satan (villain) of Eden Garden. As a worst malefic planet in Cancerian horoscope Saturn was playing havoc. I suggested him mantra since it wards off the evil propensities of the planet to a great deal. It did lot of good for him. But I was afraid what would happen if he accidentally misses the mantra on any day in thit very turbulent period. Since I know I once suggested a mantra to a lady who was very frustrated due to her husband. He bashed her up regularly. When she started the mantra there was a change in her husband’s attitude towards her. But one day she missed it and consequently destiny dragged her to her doom. The husband .mitted suicide on the same night. So, I was interested in finding the .plete solution lest I might leave any stone unturned. Then one day I got something like a flash after meditation. I understood well that the Saturn was a spoilsport in the horoscope. It was Satan. Satan provokes oneself to do bad deeds. But since boy belonged to the second phase so lots of sufferings were there to mend his ways. The God was calling him back to his abode. On the contrary he stuck right there. If he hears the God’s call everything may .e in its right terms Now I started to concentrate on his horoscope again. As I told you that every planet has all the three qualities of nature (satwa, rajas and tamas) and a malefic contains in itself more tamas (negativity) in .parison with other planets. What will happen if one culls out the negativity of Saturn? The answer is simple only Satva and Rajas will remain. That was the flash, which I got after meditation. So, now let’s talk about this Saturn once more. Saturn was aspecting the second house from the twelfth house of loss. On the negative side, Saturn was giving him abusive language, non-vegetarian food and manipulative tendencies. So, those were the tamsic qualities of the Saturn. If he removes this tamas (negativity) the things must take positive turn, I thought let’s give it a try. I told him to remove those tendencies right then. I also suggested him that every tendency is the result of a particular habit. So, I advised him that for at least 15 days he should try to practice good habits at the cost of bad habits. I told him not to believe me right then. Just carry out the experiment as per my suggestions for two weeks and if he did not find any change, go to square one again. The boy asked me as to how could his non-vegetarian habits be regarded as negative qualities. I told him when you eat non-vegetarian food you be.e part of the unseen violence meted out to innocent animals for your sense gratification only. And in return you get the same amount of pain physically or mentally to understand their suffering. The boy recollected his two-suicidal attempts he did before .ing to me. Also the severe mental torture he was going through. The fact of the matter is that the boy confessed his every fault which was enough proof to indicate that he belonged to second phase of his human journey. After practicing all my advices for at least one week he told that his father had called him back to his home. His sister started talking with him, but except his mother was yet to relent. He was regaining his peace of mind. Naturally he was shocked as to how it became possible; it seemed to be a far cry just a week back. In another week he noticed so many vacancies in the newspaper related to his career line, which were hitherto absent since one year. But now they were appearing almost regularly. The boy promised that after witnessing these results he would never go to his previous path again. Okay a number of career opportunities started surfacing, but his efforts failed to fructify by a very small margin though whenever he came very close to selection for his desired post. I was again confused why there was small margin. Did there exist any more obstacle, which of course must be very small since success eluded him by a very small margin. He was carrying all my advices sincerely and yet even after six months he had no career at all except a hopeful scenario in the form of the vacancies which were .ing in dozens. What is the obstacle now? Then again a flash came to my mind during meditation. I recollected he always used to say, "Brother in this world nothing can be achieved without re.mendation and bribe". He had host of examples to prove his point. But in spite of all money and re.mendations he stood nowhere. I noticed the aspect of Saturn on the second house of social status which inspired the subject to use unjustified means to achieve position. So, was it possible that the God was saying, "Leave thy wrong method; aside only then thou will march on the path of success?" I suggested him to use only honest means to realize his aim. He seemed to be in total disagreement with my approach. He thought I was immature enough since I didn’t know about the world and especially his profession where almost all his friends got the job through greasing palms or re.mendation except a singular exception. I told him Vivekananda says, "There is nothing in this world which happens without reason". So, why there was a single exception left for him. This is the voice of the God and he should hear it. He turned a deaf ear to my advice. After some months he came in the merit list of some .pany. He was happy but I was confused! There were seven persons in the .pany’s merit list. The .pany told him that they would send him the appointment letter within 15 days. I was in maze whether I was wrong in understanding the pattern of his destiny? But see what happened after a fortnight. Somebody called him from the .pany and told him that there were seven persons in the list and he was the last. The .pany had only five vacancies and, therefore, his chances were bleak unless he offered Rs. 2 lakhs to a particular person. He asked the .pany why they selected 7 persons if they had only 5 vacancies. They told him that they kept some persons on waiting list as a safeguard to save extra time and energy of the .pany in conducting written examination and interview once again in case somebody failed to join. He agreed to part with the required money. The concerned person told him that he would contact him after one week to let him know where he should send the money. Two weeks had gone, but nobody contacted him. He was deeply frustrated. Then one day he got a call from the same person asking for money. He said as he was out of station, he was not able to contact the young man. In case, he could send the money immediately, he would get his appointment letter within three days. He would also give him another call next day to let him know how and where to send the money’. The young boy waited eagerly again for tomorrow. But that tomorrow converted itself in the one month without any .munication at all. The boy lost his all hopes. He thought it was futile to wait now. Then suddenly he again got a call from the same person making the same demand. The young boy became very furious. He told him straightway that ‘He is not interested to achieve his aim by such mischievous means. If the .pany prefers bribe more than the caliber it is better off and take over his father’s business’. His father frightened what his son did. His caring father consoled him that he would try his level best to procure proper re.mendation from the concerned ministry to let the work easy for him. The son denied outrightly that he did not want any re.mendation at all. He told his father that since 4 years the best available re.mendations and money did nothing for him. So, now he wanted to obey the guiding lines as was given by me. No re.mendation, no money, go to hell whether he would get a job or not. He came to me in drooping spirits right then and told me the entire incident. I assured him not to be worried everything would be okay. After three or four days he came to me bursting with elation. Shouting "Bhaiya, bhaiya (brother, brother) the God has heard my request. You were right. I got the appointment letter today and I am going to join in the next week". So, friends this is called astrology. Astrology is not fatalism. It is realism. Planets have nothing to do with your life. This is you who have made the planets to move in a particular direction. Now he is you only who can change their movement. Tantra, mantra can give you a lot no doubt. Since they were also the invention of our great seers. But first of all take proper precautions only then go on for medication. Tantra and mantra are like the medications. They have their great value unless you uproot your karmic roots. Only then you can see the rising sun unless remain in darkness forever. As Vivekananda says "Keep one ideal in front of you and go on struggling all the time. No fear if you fall 5,000 times since I am sure the person who has no ideal will fall 50,000 times". So, Vivekananda knew it is not an easy task to get rid of our habits. They are just like the skin of our human body glued strongly to the bones. But still have a start. Since we are the children of the God not .mon human beings. As we think about ourselves always. 相关的主题文章: