Jaguar Land Rover eleven

Jaguar Land Rover eleven direct sales will be good news! Hot wire! Hot wire! Very happy to tell you this shop (express Kingvic) to carry out double eleven Jaguar Land Rover will direct large-scale promotional activities in the double eleven weekend, all for the price of resources is a special examination and approval, the double eleven will direct the rare opportunity Car Buying, for this event, also special 30 special offer resources for sales, is scheduled to accept only on the afternoon of November 12th, after the event, the price will be restored to the daily sales price will be announced on the spot price directly, and also the scene of television media reported on the site, a rare opportunity, only once in 2 years, don’t know you are not ready to? At the same time Land Rover Land Rover SUV manufacturers for lovers to provide in the road vehicle depth test ride experience, let you have a deep understanding of the Land Rover off-road function. 2016-11-12 10:00am – 13:00pm activity process: cross-country depth test drive experience 13:00pm¬ 14:00pm will direct the customer sign 14:00pm 14:30pm on the 14:30pm 15:00pm led 15:00pm 16:30pm announced price orders signed Venue: Beijing express Kingvic Jaguar Land Rover 4S Center Address: Beijing city Daxing District Xihongmen Zhen Ding Road No. 23 (south of high-end car park) sales hotline: 010-80254777, 010-80254110, 010-80254111 will direct the activity time: November 12, 2016 14:00pm – 16:30pm activity participation models: Jaguar Land Rover designated special offer models sold in all models of manufacturers: Jaguar F-PACE, Jaguar XFL good news released immediately! Is there very excited? Jaguar Land Rover all models preferential packages (all models enjoy) good news & prepaid Chengyijin 1000 yuan worth 11000 yuan sincerity gifts. The good news the day for Jaguar and Land Rover arbitrary models, get a value of 6660 yuan – eleven service packs. The good news in the activity day banking activities, enjoy 2000 yuan oil card. The good news of the event more opportunity to draw a number. The good news of the event, in addition to the special resources and price, also offers a variety of special offer original boutique, minimum 1 fold, outside the package of ordering a special offer products, prices may drop 1000 yuan. The Jaguar F-PACE, Jaguar XFL models preferential packages (only the Jaguar P-PACE, Jaguar XFL models can enjoy the good news) order F-PACE Jaguar Jaguar XFL customers, enjoy 11000 yuan in cash on the basis of sincerity, additional gift worth 6800 yuan a road Huyuan outdoor suit factory. The good news you ordered the Jaguar F-PACE nominated bank payment, cash discount 5000 yuan. God, that the range rover Aurora vehicle deals packages (only for God, the range rover Aurora found eligible models) good news. The order found God prepaid Chengyijin customers only need to pay 11 yuan to upgrade the original package. 9 good news.相关的主题文章: