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The Jaguar XFL listed for sale 388 thousand -68.8 ten thousand yuan – Sohu car Jaguar XFL in August 29th officially listed in China, the price of 388 thousand -68.8 yuan, equipped with 2.0T power level and 3.0T three engines, all matching eight speed automatic gearbox. As the first domestic Jaguar brand cars, XFL landmark significance. XFL is a large luxury car in color! Think of our common extended medium and large cars, Audi A6, Mercedes Benz E class, buy these models you will choose what color? Ninety percent of the customers will choose black, the main color of the manufacturer is also certainly black, business stability. But take a look at the new listing of the Jaguar XFL, the official flagship color is red, you can even choose a bright red, such as Ferrari, on the XFL will be decent. Is it really that important? Of course, the color is different, but the color of the car can represent the style of a car. A super sports car should be bright, a business car should be black. Do you really need a car like a black car to buy luxury cars? As long as they can meet the requirements of the rear space, then a little avant-garde personality will be better? XFL is currently the only choice in the market, the color of the extended luxury large and medium-sized cars. Buy a XFL can buy more than BBA? Buy a Jaguar XFL, can buy three BBA more than the German one animal logo, a rotating stall, there is a flip of the air outlet. See the above words may be some readers will feel that I am drunk? Well, let me explain. If you spend 500 thousand to buy a luxury car, regardless of its configuration, control, or comfort, are absolutely able to meet your requirements. Responsible, for more than ninety percent of consumers, only had so much a few cars, and is also the daily driving work on the weekend to highway, did not understand the difference in performance price models. Like buying clothes, if you spend 50 dollars, of course, is not to pick cotton, good air permeability. But if you spend fifty thousand to buy clothes, look at the brand to see if it is good enough. Go back to XFL, a leopard, Jaguar as a symbol of the brand. Think about other signs to do with the animal brand, Ferrari, Lamborghini, even if it is not a luxury brand of French Peugeot, in the design are also absolutely at the forefront, models are highly personalized. Compared to the calm of the German BBA, you can easily feel the Jaguar’s body contains different temperament, which is not to talk about the size of the configuration can be expressed. Even the top German Maybach, although expensive enough, but still too rational, the Germans can make luxury cars, but to say that the luxury of the car, but also to see the british. As for the rotary file and can turn over the air outlet, it can be said that no one is easy to use, but they are the best carrier of the grid. In the eyes of the Germans, this r相关的主题文章: