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Japanese media: China’s electric vehicle industry is facing reshuffle 90% companies fear of being eliminated image data: the owner of the charging station charging for the car. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Chenlin Photo Reference News Network reported on September 3rd, Japanese media said that China’s more than and 200 electric vehicles (EV) manufacturers will face a large-scale elimination of storm baptism. According to Japan’s Fuji business newspaper reported on September 2nd, the government strictly develop technical standards for emerging companies, is to reduce the number of manufacturers to 10. 90% the possibility of the demise of the China Automobile Manufacturers Association, a responsible person pointed out that the purpose of strengthening the regulation is to ban small businesses. Some media pointed out that the results of the improvement of the standard is that up to 90% of the emerging enterprises may disappear. China’s national development and Reform Commission data show that at this stage to obtain production licenses only two new enterprises. There are three companies plan to apply for permission. Alibaba group chairman of the board Ma and Hon Hai Group Chairman Terry Gou, at least to Chinese alternative energy vehicles invested $2 billion. Generous subsidies lead to investment fever, but too many companies do not have the United States like Tesla and General Motors (GM) as the electric vehicle (EV) or hybrid electric vehicle (HV) production technology, people concern increasingly strong. Shanghai Jiao Tong University Automotive Engineering Research Institute Professor Yin Chengliang pointed out that the industry participants too much, just some speculators, it is necessary for the government to raise the threshold of the low level of technology investment project is not reasonable, this is not a good thing. Reported that the Chinese government to discuss the development of new standards for electric vehicle companies, because the world’s largest Chinese auto market is facing excess production and inventory problems. With the growing number of cheap cars, car manufacturers to reduce the profitability of space, in this context, if the increase in fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions standards, the cost is expected to rise. China overtook the United States last year to become the world’s largest market for alternative energy vehicles, including electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHV) and fuel cell vehicles (FCV). According to the China Association of automobile manufacturers (CAAM) data, in 2015, domestic sales of alternative energy vehicles 331 thousand and 92. The Chinese government has proposed to increase the sales of electric vehicles to 3 million vehicles by 2025, which is now about 10 times the price of electric vehicles, which is equivalent to a subsidy of about $60% per vehicle. As a result, about 400 alternative energy vehicles are now being developed. China Automobile Industry Association executive vice president Dong Yang raised the question: we are indeed to the development of new energy vehicles to provide subsidies, but should allow anyone to participate in it? Dong Yang and the Chinese Ministry of industry (MIIT) responsible for regular meetings, he said the government is exploring the number of new electric vehicles in the control of up to 10. In addition, after the approval of the emerging enterprises, the government put forward more stringent requirements for quality management, to formally start assembly line must also meet many conditions. There are also welcomed the company as a policy to promote the healthy development of the industry, the Ministry of industry announced in August all electric business vendors must have 17 technologies, and extensive.相关的主题文章: